It's been 2 months since we re-opened our doors!

While things may not be exactly the same as before, the stoke we feel being back in the gym is pretty high - social distancing, shouting through face masks + plastic barriers and practicing our best Tyra Banks "smize" . Even with only a fraction of you here on a daily basis, we're happy to have movement + energy back in the gym again!

Starting September 1st, we're also excited to welcome more of you back again too - including:
Day Passes (must be 14+)

As we prepare to open our doors to more users, here are a few reminders that will help us all with the transition:

  • The health + well being of our members and community is important to us. Every decision we make, every message we deliver, and every "rule" we instate is with this thought in mind. We hope that this is something everyone can see + feel when they walk into the gym.

  • Reservations are required! Every person inside the gym must have a reservation. We strongly recommend booking in advance via our website; reservations via phone calls will not be accepted.

  • Face coverings + masks are required to be worn properly by every person, at all times while inside the gym. We’re stoked with everyone who’s been doing their part, wearing their face coverings + masks and keeping them on! Not only do we wear them to protect each other and slow the spread of COVID-19 but it’s also a requirement for us to even be open and it's non-negotiable.

  • These continue to be uncertain times with news + recommended guidelines changing often. Please be respectful + kind with everyone as we all continue to navigate our current realities and prepare for upcoming changes in season and schedules.

Also starting September 1st, our hours will be expanded to offer more flexibility that better fits your schedules.
Monday: 10am - 10pm
Tuesday: 6am - 10pm
Wednesday: 10am - 10pm
Thursday: 6am - 10pm
Friday: 10am - 10pm
Saturday: 10am - 10pm
Sunday: 10am - 7pm
Reservation times have also been improved to start every hour, on the hour - making it easier and more convenient to schedule your next climb time.

Our low capacity numbers help us prioritize health + safety. For this reason, please do not arrive early for your reservation or stay longer than your reserved 2 hour time slot.

As a courtesy to others, please notify us in advance if you need to cancel your reservation. To do so, please call us at 253-564-4899 or respond to the confirmation email received.

Members who do not arrive within the first 15 minutes of their reserved start time forfeit their reservation to other members who may be waiting.

standby line is available for non-reservation, drop-in climbing; availability is not guaranteed.

Please limit your reservations to:
  • One area/zone per time slot; double bookings will be cancelled without notice.
  • One 2-HOUR time slot per day; double bookings will be cancelled without notice.
  • 4 reservations per week, per person. Use of the standby-line option won't count toward this limit.

There are many techniques + nuances to outdoor rock climbing that are hard to learn from videos or in a single day of education. Our programs are designed to make the many possible objectives of rock climbing easier to learn, practice + understand.

Upcoming Outdoor Rock Courses include:
GYM TO CRAG: September 6
SPORT LEAD: September 13
TRAD LEAD: September 19-20
Intro to MULTI-PITCH: September 26-27
While each of these programs are offered independent of each other, our program series encourages you to work through them as a progression - helping to develop a more well-rounded climber.
WOMXN'S CRAG DAY | September 12

Our Womxn's Crag Days offer fun opportunities for female climbers to meet up, climb and learn with (and from) other womxn who are interested in gaining more confidence and/or skills on the rock.

Join the female guide staff of Edgeworks for a great - and inspiring - day of climbing!

Our bins are overflowing with climbing gear, water bottles, watches, glasses, etc ... and it's time to it clean out! Please collect your items before next Saturday, September 5th.

Give us a call if you think you left anything behind. 253-564-4899
Edgeworks Climbing + Fitness