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This week is a transition week while we sell off our remaining early spring merchandise and get ready for our June Pollinator Palooza Plant Sale Days! This week, the Roadside Stand on Barneyville Road at the Barrington, RI - Swansea, MA state line will be open three days as follows:

Friday, June 3rd from 4-7 

Saturday, June 4th from 10-3

Sunday, June 5th from 12-3

Roadside Stand openings are weather dependent, stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram Pages for the latest details.

What Will You Find at the Roadside Stand This Week?

Everything must go sale on certified organic herb and vegetable plants. We need to make room for all of our native perennials and it is time to get those veggie plants in the ground so while supply lasts all remaining herb and vegetable plants at the Stand are 2 for $5.00!  Some great things still in stock, including; ghost peppers, shishito peppers, red and yellow fryer peppers, patty pan squash, husk cherries, Japanese greens, several herbs including cilantro and lemon verbena and much more. Don't forget to bring a bucket to get your organic compost - magic dirt from Earth Care Farm in Charlestown! It is a must for every great organic vegetable garden.

We have completely sold out of all of our native plant plugs, and with summer right around the corner we will not be restocking those items. However, great news...our fabulous gallon sized grown on site native perennials are nearly ready and they will be showing up in increasing numbers at the Roadside Stand this week and next. So many wonderful varieties to choose from, all straight species and neonictonoid free. Our native perennials are $10.00 each. We also have a few other native items including butterfly milkweed for the monarchs and dramatic cinnamon ferns. 

We know that you, and your hummingbirds love your flowers so we have restocked again with a new batch of large, high quality pollinator focused annuals. Many very unusual and hard to find varieties. Get those gardens ready for upcoming June events. Several varieties of garden salvia are available, including one that is a dramatic neon blue and reaches five foot heights! We also have Bouvardia Ternifolia, Firecracker Bush, a favorite of hummingbirds and rarely seen or grown here.


Currently accepting Cash, Check and Venmo. Email us at any time with questions. 

A reminder that 5% of proceeds from the stand will be donated to the Barrington Land Conservation Trust. You can round up your purchase at the register to support this important community organization even more.

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Always Available, Prickly Pear Cactus Pads

The inspiration for our name, Opuntia humifuso is grown on site and always available. Rhode Island's native cactus is a wonderful addition to a sandy, sunny area of your yard. By the end of this month, our native cactus garden will be in full bloom with the bees buzzing all around it. Cactus pads are available any time and can be used to start your own cactus garden. 

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Victory Gardens in Barrington

The victory garden movement began during World War I and called on Americans to grow food in whatever spaces they could. It referred to land not used for productive purposes as “slacker land”, what would that resilient generation think of our acres and acres of unproductive turf grass lawn today? The victory garden movement maintained that there was nothing more valuable than self-sufficiency, than working a little land, no matter how small, and harvesting your own fresh food. 

This century-old movement made a remarkable comeback during the COVID-19 pandemic, with gardens springing up in neighborhoods across America, and in our own Barrington backyards. The goals of today’s gardens aren’t quite as ambitious as they were a century ago, but like then, gardens have provided a great morale boost with lots of healthy time outdoors and the satisfaction that comes with being at least a bit self-sufficient in the midst of uncertain times. Growing even some of your own food helps the environment by using less chemicals and reducing the amount of food that needs to travel cross-country to reach your plate. 

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Throughout last winter we sent out an array of newsletters filled with advice and resources designed to help you learn more about ecologically friendly, native plant focused gardening. You can view prior newsletter editions using the link below. 

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Why Native Plants Matter

Restoring native plant habitat is vital to preserving biodiversity. By creating a native plant garden, each patch of habitat becomes part of a collective effort to nurture and sustain the living landscape for birds and other animals. 

Native plants are those that occur naturally in a region in which they evolved. They are the ecological basis upon which life depends, including birds and people. Without them and the insects that co-evolved with them, local birds cannot survive. 

Unfortunately, most of the landscaping plants available in nurseries are alien species from other countries. These exotic plants not only sever the food web, but many have become invasive pests, outcompeting native species and degrading habitat in remaining natural areas.

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See You at the Farmer's Market!

Farmer's Markets have returned to Barrington. On June 9th from 4-7 the Barrington Business and Community Association is hosting a Farmer's Market at St. John's Church on County Road. We wanted to show our support for this important event, so we've signed up to be a vendor. Stop by our booth for great native plants, hummingbird flower feeders, organic herbs and educational materials describing the importance of planting natives for pollinators.

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Prickly Ed's Cactus Patch

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Prickly Ed's Cactus Patch, Roadside Stand and Apothecary is a super small, hyperlocal, roadside stand located directly on the border of Barrington, RI and Swansea, MA focused on making the area a little bit wilder one yard at a time! Offering great native plants, prickly pear cactus, magic dirt, unusual pollinator friendly annuals, organic herb and vegetable plants, lots of solicited and unsolicited advice & random curiosities designed to get your yard really buzzing. You can read all about us on our website, including the story of where the name Prickly Ed's Cactus Patch came from.

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