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September 2020
Dear Electronics Colleague -

Training materials and testing are now available for the IPC-A-620 Revision "D".  Ask us how you can get certified to this new revision level.

Now that we are almost (7) months into this pandemic, I have a couple of observations. It seems like everyone has taken on a new hobby this summer-fishing, biking, golf or whatever. I even noticed someone erecting an easel by our local pond in order to paint the local landscape. Another thing that I have noticed is people still have their sense of humor!

Wishing you the best,
Dan Patten
High IO Count Reballing Preforms
BEST recently upgraded its capabilities on the laser machining of its EZReball(TM) preforms.  We are now able to fabricate 4,000 plus ball count preforms. This mirrors recent advances in processing 6,000 plus aperture count rework stencils. With ever-increasing IO counts, BEST continues to keep up with the ever-changing requirements. Send Chris your requirements at cedwards@solder.net.
PCB Repair to Reduce the "Bonepile"

Do you have a remnant stack of boards which could be turned into saleable inventory if only you had the bandwidth or skill set to repair the physical damage done to them? Seek out your BEST resource for PCB repair including the repair of any physical board damage.  Examples include missing pads, traces, broken laminate, scratched solder mask or re-plating of gold fingers. BEST's skilled staff of repair technicians  perform thousands of board repairs each year making the boards both functional as well as looking aesthetically close to the original manufacture. If you have a large number of them, you can mark the area on the boards and we can provide an estimate per board to see which repairs are economically viable. Call Laura at 224-387-3255 or send her photos of what you are dealing with at lripoli@solder.net.
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