SPA Unveils New Permanent Sculpture at the Promenade Fountain

Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday as we gathered to unveil a major new permanent art installation at the Promenade Fountain here in the heart of Summit! The timing was doubly significant because this year marks both the 50th anniversary of the fountain and the 20th anniversary of Summit Public Art

Dedicated in 1972, the Promenade Fountain was originally named to honor David E. Trucksess, a former Summit mayor, Common Council president, and longtime engineer at the nearby Bell Laboratories. As a scientist and a former director of the Summit Historical Society, he would have no doubt appreciated the history and technology behind the fountain's new sculpture.

That work, Pleiades, is a dynamic sculpture that both greatly enhances the fountain's overall appearance while maintaining the architectural integrity of the existing structure. Made of shatterproof dichroic glass panels suspended above the fountain’s basin, Pleiades both reflects and projects an ever-changing variety of light and color during the day and at night when illuminated, adding vibrancy to the fountain that will keep it alive and fresh for years to come.

The artist, Ray King, brings four decades of experience creating large site-specific public artworks. Over the years, Ray has developed expertise in the manipulation of light and color as it interacts with glass. This has resulted in truly original light-responsive sculptures that interact with viewers and animate surroundings. Major permanent installations of his work have been commissioned throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia and can be found in numerous universities, municipalities, corporations, and private collections—and now, right here in Summit, NJ. 

It's important to acknowledge how this installation came to be. This project is the culmination of a years-long collaboration between the City of SummitSummit Downtown, Inc., and Summit Public Art, in particular Fountain Committee Co-Chairs Estelle Fournier and Vivian Furman Rubin, who first proposed the project, headed the committee that selected the artist, oversaw every step of the installation, and led the fountain's fundraising campaign. 

We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of City Engineer Aaron Schrager, Superintendent of Public Works Michael Caputo, Foreman Pat PrioreWarren Wolfe, and the Department of Public Works, without whose cooperation and expertise the transformation of the fountain would not have been possible. 

Thanks also to Ray King, whose knowledge and artistry produced an installation even more stunning than we could have ever imagined.

And most important, a very special thanks to Mayor Nora Radest, the City of SummitSummit Downtown, Inc., and to all of our sponsors whose generous support made it possible to bring this extraordinary work of art to Summit! 

Cheryl Barr and Tom O'Flynn

The Co-Co

Marie and Roy Cohen 

Annette and Terry Dwyer

Linda and Robert Flanagan

Estelle Fournier and Alberto Lopez-Silvero

Marjorie Fox and Jeff Naiman

Suzanne and Jordan Glatt

Anne and R. J. Grissinger

Leslie Herman

Vani Krishnamurthy

David Naidu and Andrea Stein

Overlook Medical Center

The Pardo Family

Richard and Kayla Pechter

Nora and Rob Radest

Vivian Furman Rubin and Julian Rubin

Suzanne and Rob Rubino

Ann and Mel Schaffer

Lois Schneider Realtor

Debi and Fred Schwarzmann

Barbara Sherman

Theatre Circle

Deepa and Rick Whipple

Thank You!

Click the video above to see a short clip of Pleiades at the newly renovated Promenade Fountain!

Artist Ray King joins Mayor Nora Radest for the official ribbon cutting at the unveiling of Pleiades at the Summit Promenade Fountain. 

Ray King discusses the inspiration behind his sculpture Pleiades

SPA Fountain committee Co-Chairs Vivian Furman Rubin and Estelle Fournier join Ray King at the fountain.

Representatives from Summit Public Art, Summit Downtown, Inc., and the City of Summit celebrate the culmination of a years-long collaboration to transform the Promenade Fountain. 

SPA Board member Cheryl Barr and husband Tom O'Flynn celebrate the unveiling of Pleiades.

Ray King and City of Summit Dept. of Public Works employee Warren Wolfe, who assisted in the renovation of the Promenade Fountain. 

Joining in the celebration were fountain co-sponsors Terry Dwyer and wife Annette, owner of the MONDO building adjacent to the Summit Promenade. 

Before-and-after photos reveal the fountain's stunning transformation. Beautiful slate panels now line the interior walls and create a perfect backdrop for the new sculpture. 

More New Art by Ray King!

After visiting Ray King's Pleiades at the Promenade Fountain, be sure to stop by the courtyard at City Hall (512 Springfield Avenue) where three other glass sculptures by King are currently on display. Come back at night to see them glow! 

Special thanks to Ray King for making this temporary installation possible! 

Celebrating 20 Years!

Enjoy this short video retrospective showcasing two decades of Summit Public Art (in just two minutes)!

Click here to watch now!

Have You Seen It? 

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re excited to announce the launch of Summit Public Art’s new YouTube channel—SPA TV, a collection of videos showcasing the wide range of public artworks on display throughout town. In addition to a series of music-video shorts devoted to each work, you’ll also find new video retrospectives on SPA’s 20 year history as well as HTTV’s recent documentary “The Wonderful World of Public Art,” which offers an illuminating behind-the-scenes look at Summit Public Art.

Click here to watch now!
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