Dog Food Producers' Shameful Slaughter Secret
Uncovering the Horrifying Connection between Dog Food Producers and the Mexican Horse Slaughter Plant Carnicos de Jerez
Animals' Angels has worked tirelessly for more than thirteen years to end the slaughter and abuse of innocent animals. Our ongoing anti-horse-slaughter campaign has completed hundreds of investigations in which our team collected irrefutable evidence and data that we presented to authorities in charge, importers, and the concerned, unaware public. While our efforts have resulted in a significant decrease in the number of horses exported to Mexico and Canada for slaughter, we know our work is far from done. 

The commitment we made at the start of this campaign was to keep fighting until all horses are safe and the slaughter of horses is banned for good. Our mission requires us to keep a close eye on the companies and kill buyers involved in the predatory slaughter industry; ongoing investigations have recently led to the discovery that Mexican horse slaughter plants such as Carnicos de Jerez have found a way to circumvent the European ban of horse meat from Mexico. 

Our analysis of international trade data revealed a disturbing connection between Mexican horse meat producers and the lucrative dog food industry. Carnicos de Jerez has become a supplier to several large companies in the pet food industry, taking advantage of the fact that the current horse meat ban is only in effect for horse meat intended for human consumption. 

Animal's Angels obtained records showing that in one four month period (April 2019 to July 2019), Carnicos de Jerez shipped close to 193,000 lbs. of horse meat (offal, minced meat, bones) to the German importer Polar Frost and approximately 255,000 lbs. of horse meat (hearts, lungs, livers, trachea and trimmings) to the German organic dog food producer Landguth.    

Landguth declares on its website that they "produce high quality organic food for dogs and cats under the strictest regulations and monitoring procedures" and "purchase the meat and other ingredients almost exclusively from producers that we have worked with reliably over several years", but as part of these strict monitoring procedures have they ever checked on the conditions for the poor horses in transit or visited the Carnicos de Jerez plant? 

Has anyone from Landguth ever seen 30+horses crammed in a single deck trailer during an excruciating ride through Texas or Mexico? Have they ever witnessed the conditions the animals must endure once they arrive at the holding pens within the Mexican plant? 

Animals' Angels has visited the Carnicos de Jerez plant several times and has documented horrific cruelty and inhumane conditions. How could Landguth, who claims that "responsible treatment of pets is important" to them, select such a blatantly abusive and irresponsible supplier to source meat for their dog food? 

Do they know that the horse meat used for their products is likely coming from animals of unknown origin and with an unknown drug history? It has been conclusively proven that the documentation system currently in place cannot guarantee that the horses processed at the Mexican slaughter plants have not received substances such as bute.


The horse meat coming from Mexico was deemed to be unfit for human consumption due to food safety and animal welfare concerns and banned in Europe. Clearly this same horse meat should also be considered unsafe and unfit for consumption by our beloved pets.
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Sadly, the pitiful conditions for horses caught in the slaughter pipeline have not improved. These poor, innocent animals will continue to suffer until this horrific industry is stopped for good. 

Reducing the demand for horse meat is a powerful way to accomplish this goal -  that's why Animals' Angels is keeping a watchful eye on all the players involved in this predatory industry and works so hard to detect, expose and fight any new threat to our horses. 

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