New Issue: Vol. 9 No. 2
The  Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership  is the only peer-reviewed journal published in the United States with a specific focus on the areas of outdoor recreation, education, and leadership. Through this collaborative effort between the Association for Outdoor Recreation and Education, the Wilderness Education Association, and the Western Kentucky University Research Foundation, the journal focuses on improving research and practice and reducing the disparity between the two in the represented disciplines.
The journal's mission is to improve outdoor recreation, education, and leadership through the publication and dissemination of peer-reviewed manuscripts. Publishing articles that contribute to the development of theory and practice is a guiding principle of the publication. The journal solicits high quality manuscripts from authors inside and outside of academia. Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts (relevant to outdoor recreation, education, or leadership) in the following  categories: (1) Regular Papers; (2) Essays, Practices, and Commentaries; and (3) Research Notes. See more within Author Guidelines in the About tab.
Editors' Notes
Andrew J. Bobilya and Raymond A. Poff
Regular Papers
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Susan Houge Mackenzie, Keri Schwab, Lindsey Higgins, P. Brian Greenwood, Marni Goldenberg, Jerusha Greenwood, and William W. Hendricks
Environmentally Sustainable Practices Among College Outdoor Programs and Their Association With Organizational Support Structures
Eric Frauman
Sail Training: A Systematic Review
Manu Schijf, Pete Allison, and Kris Von Wald
Doris U. Bolliger and Craig E. Shepherd
An Investigation of the Connection Between Outdoor Orientation and Thriving
Wally James Rude, Andrew J. Bobilya, and Brent J. Bell
Tod Schimelpfenig, David E. Johnson, Grant S. Lipman, David H. McEvoy, and Brad L. Bennett
Selections From the 2015/2016 Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education Research Symposia
Eric Frauman and Francesca Shaffer
Andrew W. Bailey, H.K. Kang, and T. Grant Lewis
Brent J. Bell
Brent J. Bell, Jayson Seaman, and Nate Trauntvein
Andrew J. Bobilya, Betsy R. Lindley, W. Brad Faircloth, and Tom Holman
A National Inquiry of Mountain Bikers: Applying the Benefits of Hiking Scale
Eddie Hill, Ben Wygant, Brian Smith, and Edwin Gómez
Benchmarking Outdoor Expeditionary Program Risk Management Strategies
Lisa Meerts-Brandsma, Nate Furman, and Jim Sibthorp
Benchmarking Outdoor Expeditionary Program Risk Management Strategies
Lisa Meerts-Brandsma, Nate Furman, and Jim Sibthorp
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Dr. Andrew J. Bobilya
Western Carolina University
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