New Issue Volume 35 Number 1
Special Issue on Youth Development Part II
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Peter J. Ward, Mat D. Duerden, Guest Editors
"It Was Like We Were All Equal": Maximizing Youth Development Using Youth-Adult Partnerships
Elizabeth H. Weybright, Nathan Trauntvein, and Mary Katherine Deen
Engagement of 'At-Risk' Youth Through Meaningful Leisure
Tristan D. Hopper and Yoshitaka Iwasaki
A Family Thing: Positive Youth Development Outcomes of a Sport-Based Life Skills Program
Camilla J. Hodge, Michael A. Kanters, Tanya Forneris, Jason N. Bocarro, Rob Sayre-McCord
Authoritative Coach: Building Youth Through Sport
Christian S. Brinton, Brian J. Hill, and Peter J. Ward
Sink or Swim: Promoting Youth Development Through Aquatics Programs in Baltimore, Maryland
Margaret K. Storm, Kendra N. Williams, Elinor M. Shetter, Julie Kaminsky, Caitlin M. Lowery, Stephanie V. Caldas, and Peter J. Winch
Preparing Tomorrow's Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Professionals: The Student Conservation Association Young Adult Internship Program
Jo Beth Mullens
Legends and Legacies
Technology in Recreation Management
Stephen F. McCool
Real and Potential Influences of Information Technology on Outdoor Recreation and Wilderness Experiences and Management
Steve Martin
Enhancing Connections Between Brazilians and Nature through Smartphone Apps: An Unrealized Potential
Jasmine Cardozo Moreira
Opportunities and Challenges for Wearable Information Technology and Recreation Management
John H. Noble, Jr.


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