New Issue Volume 35 Number 2
One of the leading journals in the park and recreation industry, Journal of Park and Recreation Administration (JPRA) was launched in 1983 to encourage scholarly research and the advancement of knowledge for best management practices and delivery services. For over three decades, JPRA has provided information to enhance the effectiveness and professionalism of park and recreation administrators. JPRA is an official refereed publication of the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration and Sagamore Publishing LLC.
Crossing the Rubicon: The Responsibility of Professors and Park and Recreation Professionals in Public Discourse
Daniel Dustin, Cary McDonald, Brett Wright, Jack Harper, Gene Lamke, and James Murphy
Managing Stoke: Crowding, Conflicts, and Coping Among Virginia Beach Surfers
Lindsay E. Usher and Edwin Gómez
Examining Recreation Demand for Lakeshore Parks in Oklahoma: What is Causing the Downward Trend in Attendance?
Brannon Daniels and Richard T. Melstrom
The Meaning of Relationship Building in the Context of the Community Center and its Implications
Craig Michael Colistra, Dart Schmalz, and Troy Glover
Development of a Competency Model for a State 4-H Camp Counselor Program
Hannah K. Epley, Theresa M. Ferrari, and Graham R. Cochran
Changes in Perceived Burnout among Camp Staff Across the Summer Camp Season
Zachary Wahl-Alexander, K. Andrew Richards, and Nicholas Washburn
Performance Appraisals in Public Parks and Recreation: A Study of Employees' Short and Longer Term Attitudes Toward the Appraisal System
Michael Mulvaney
Dreaming About Access: The Experiences of Transgender Individuals in Public Recreation
Linda Oakleaf and Laurel P. Richmond
Legends and Legacies
Water and Recreation: Growing Demands in a Context of Uncertainty
Stephen F. McCool
Writing About Water and Recreation
Linda E. Kruger
Meditations on Ice
Patricia A. Stokowski
West Virginia Water Quality Perceptions: Highlighting the Importance of Education and Media
Jonas Levêque and Robert C. Burns


Dr. Robert Burns

West Virginia University
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