New Issue Volume 22 Number 1
Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal, an official publication of the Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA), disseminates the most current thinking and practice on learning disabilities. The journal's focus is on research to practice and how the varied disciplines serving the lifespan of individuals with learning disabilities can be more effective. Editorial pieces and position papers will be considered for publication if they are grounded in best practice or designed to create dialogue and discussion on important topics relating to learning disabilities. The disciplines represented in the journal include early childhood, K-12 education , and post-secondary and adult services, advocacy, assessment, cultural differences, public and private education, families, law, mental health, public policy, research, science, social and emotional issues, social work, technology, and vocational and career education.

Editor's Note
Editor's Note
Robin Church
Tableau's Influence on the Oral Language Skills of Students With Language-Based Learning Disabilities
Alida Anderson and Katherine A. Berry
Using Performance Feedback of Reciprocal Teaching Strategies to Increase Reading Comprehension Strategy Use With Seventh Grade Students With Comprehension Difficulties
Matthew K. Burns, Kathrin E. Maki, Abbey C. Karich, and Melissa Coolong-Chaffin
Nancy K. Meyer and Emily C. Bouck
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The Perceived Impact of Unstable Gaps between Academic Ability and Performance on the Self-Image of Students With Learning Disabilities
Amela Einat
Parent Perceptions of Parent Involvement With Elementary-Aged Students With Learning Disabilities 
Holly Rice
People-First Language, Equity, and Inclusion: How Do We Say It, and Why Does It Matter? 
Laura Shipp Clarke, Dusty Columbia Embury, Catherine Knight, and Jennifer Christensen
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