New Issue Volume 74 Number 2
Originally published in 1940 by Phi Epsilon Kappa as a quarterly publication for its fraternity members,  The Physical Educator (TPE)  is one of the longest standing journals providing research-based articles related to physical education, health, recreation, and related areas. This quarterly periodical is now available for non-members and libraries. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity is a national professional fraternity for persons engaged in or pursuing careers in physical education, health, recreation, dance, human performance, exercise science, sports medicine, and sports management.

Andrew M. Colombo-Dougovito
Effects of an Educational Gymnastics Course on the Motor Skills and Health-Related Fitness Components of PETE Students 
Liana Webster
Effects of Two Practice Style Formats on Fifth Grade Students' Motor Skill Performance and Task Engagement 
Constantine C. Chatoupis and George Vagenas
Ting Liu, Casey M. Breslin, and Sayed ElGarhy
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Beyond "Fun": The Real Need in Physical Education
Rick C. Ferkel, Selen Razon, Lawrence W. Judge, and Larissa True
High School Females' Emotions, Self-Efficacy, and Attributions During Soccer and Fitness Testing in Physical Education
Ken R. Lodewyk and Amber Muir
Measuring Preservice Teachers' Knowledge of Instructional Tasks for Teaching Elementary Content
Insook Kim and Bomna Ko
Kari Hunt and Michael Metzler
Anne Larson, Christine Galvan, Yun Hsu, and Kim Giron
Erin Lea Gilreath, Dagny Zupin,and Lawrence W. Judge
You and the Law: Oops! Analysis of a Slip and Fall Hazard
Drake E. Belt and Sarah J. Young

Thomas H. Sawyer
Indiana State University

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