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New Goals & New Year Cheers
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New Goals & New Year Cheers!

Greetings and Happy Holidays!
So much is going on and many many plans and ideas are on the table and walls for 2012! I am definitely excited and looking forward to a great new direction for my company, and team at Vedic Image Group. We already kicked off the new year with our website. Have you seen the new look?

What are you doing for the holidays and for 2012? What are some personal goals you really want to win this year?
These are some of the questions that I've been asking myself, and writing/or drawing in my journal.I I really want to push my boundaries this coming year. How about you?
Well, I want to help you start in the right direction, to stick with it and WIN! So, I am having a great event, online, so no need to step outside or stress over what to wear, although I will dress-- can't help it :-) This webinar is all about "How Do I Get Back To Me and Begin Styling Her For SUCCESS!" Because we all make lists of goals and new years resolutions, and we don't finish or accomplish them. Why is that? Well, no more giving into the doubts and excuses, learn what you can do to WIN this year around. Space is limited! Please hold your space now- Tuesday, January 10th, 2012.Register here.

I can't wait to see you there and get to hear from you.

In today's Hot Topic, we are all about goals, inspirations and celebrations. And it all begins inside YOU!

Have a great holiday til we meet up next Friday 2012!

Sending loads of light,
Najaam Lee
New Goals & New Year Cheers!
by Najaam Lee

Make you this year. You have nothing to lose, but sooo much to gain, learn and do and improve.

In many family homes, preparations are underway, with lots of traditional dishes, practices, etc.. But one thing that does happen is when families get together, someone or a few feel left out, or not apart of the whole social celebrations. Many tensions, issues, setbacks, anger, you name it, are all held in for fear of not ruining everyone else happiness.
Why put yourself and feelings on hold, and the same consideration is not met with you?  
Seriously, no more, make some noise this year. Say what you are feeling and have been holding all these years. Shout it out or Write it down, but tell the person this holiday. This way, you start your New Year fresh and in sync. Which will give you the best results. This clearing of stuck emotions and feelings will help you unfold the stuck layers from within, and commence the healing. 
You will feel lighter, more energized, and have a new focus on you and your goals.

Let's go a bit deeper. What are goals? According to the Webster Dictionary, goal means 'the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.
Therefore, a combination of thought intentions and physical activity to achieve a goal. Its a good amount of energy goes into a goal; that's why its so important to clear and let go of stuck emotions or feelings which weighs you down and zaps your energy.  So do yourself a favour and do clear out the gunk and write your goals, and then meet me at the Webinar(see above) in 2012!


What are your goals for 2012 that you will complete? Let us know in the comment section



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Sending loads of light and happiness for the Holidays and New Year ,
Najaam Lee CEO-President
Najaam Lee
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Vedic Image Group

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