The White Working Class Roundtable Newsletter

Fall Issue 2018

The White Working Class Roundtable Newsletter is a bi-monthly publication that provides information and discussion about the white working class--a critical group in American politics and society.


The Newsletter is a project of the Democratic Strategist. Its goal is to assist Democrats to reach out and regain the support of this once Democratic constituency.


Each issue of the newsletter will highlight new and significant articles, polls and other sources of information regarding the white working class, focusing particularly on materials that discuss and evaluate strategies Democrats can employ to gain greater support from this still-critical electoral force.


In the coming months the Newsletter will also plan an ongoing series of original roundtable discussions among leading Democratic strategists and thinkers. These discussions will follow on the June 6th Roundtable on Progressives and the White Working Class that was organized in coordination with the Washington Monthly and the Democratic Strategist. That online roundtable gathered the largest group of top experts since the Reagan era to share ideas in this area.


We look forward to your interest and active participation in our work. You can subscribe to the Newsletter below. 

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12 Leading Progressive Political Strategists Present Fact-Based Proposals for Regaining the Trust of White Working Americans and Winning Their Votes in the Years Ahead
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The book very dramatically shows:

That white workers remain a critical swing group in American politics.

Recent articles on the white working class since the 2016 election.
August 8, 2018
TDS Strategy Memo:What Democrats Still Don't Get About Winning Back the White Working Class
The debate over moderate versus progressive policies is irrelevant unless Democratic candidates can first establish a basic level of trust with these voters.
June 5, 2018
by Tamar Jacoby and Isabel V. Sawhill
May 15,2018
TDS Strategy Memo: Modern-day "Class Consciousness" and "Class Resentment":
the unacknowledged-but vitally important-perspective that is necessary to understand why many non-racist white working class voters voted for Trump-and might do so again if Democrats don't figure out how to respond.
April 26,2018
March/April 2018
March 20, 2018
A Memo for Candidates: Five Fundamental Challenges Democratic Candidates Must Get Right If They Want to Win the Support of Non-Racist White Working Class Americans
March 26,2018
Getting ready for 2018 and 2020: The Democratic Strategist List of Progressive Organizations That Support:
a. Democratic Candidate Recruitment and Training,
b. Democratic Political Campaign Operation and Management
c. Pro-Democratic Grass Roots Voter Organizing
March 20,2018
A Memo for Candidates:Five Fundamental Challenges Democratic Candidates Must Get Right If They Want to Win the Support of Non-Racist White Working Class Americans
March 2018
By Kevin Drum
May 2018
By Robert Reich
July 2018
For one thing, it's not Trump country. Most struggling whites I know here live a life of quiet desperation, mad at their white bosses, not resentful toward their co-workers or neighbors of color.
By Sarah Smarsh
July 2018
The progressive Boston mayor fits the profile of a Trump voter. And if Democrats want to win them back, he says they need to stop with the abstract talk and get real.
By Edward-Isaac Dovere
August 2018
By Nate Cohn and Alicia Parlapiano
August 2018
By Peter Dreier
August 2018
By Ed Kilgore
September 2018
Show up on people's doorsteps, and the recipe is simple: listen and offer compelling solutions and information that's new to them that they can connect with their lives.
By Matt Morrison
September 2018
Trump's words don't buy dinner
By E. J. Dionne