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Jewish Studies
August 2019
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Social Vision
The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Transformative Paradigm for the World
By  Philip Wexler
"During my several visits with Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, I experienced firsthand his kindness and his compassion for all humanity…(his) social vision is a timeless message that should be an inspiration for all people." —David N. Dinkins, former Mayor of New York City

"Moving from the biographical depictions of Schneerson's remarkable life, Philip Wexler offers us a Schneerson who was a social reformer, setting his sights not exclusively on the Jewish people, but on global transformation." —Shaul Magid,  Tablet
ISBN 9780824550387
Herder & Herder/Crossroad Publishing Company
The Vanishing Path
How to Be While There is Still Time
By Miles Krassen
All of time is always here, in existence as we can live it. By contemplating the mystical rhythms of the Hebrew calendar, Miles Krassen challenges us to go beyond optimism and pessimism. Both are dead ends, built on a concept of time that is outmoded. The Vanishing Path before us can still be contemplated if only we reflect on the nature of reality through an enlightened lens that makes time count so we can still Be.
ISBN 9781891785962
Fons Vitae
Jewish Germany
An Enduring Presence from the Fourth to the Twenty-First Century

ISBN 9781910383612
Vallentine Mitchell
Jewish Law as Rebellion
A Plea for Religious Authenticity and Halachic Courage

ISBN 9789655242768
Urim Publications
Millennial Memory Perspectives in Jewish American Fiction

ISBN 9783487156453
George Olms Verlag
Independent Publishers Group | Website
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