Reno-Sparks area in 2019 - new jobs average $64,000.
22 companies moved to the greater Reno-Sparks area in 2019 adding 1,300 new jobs with an average income of $64,000.

A total of 65 percent of the new companies, helped by Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN), came from California and 40 percent of the new companies are tech-related. The greater Reno-Sparks area is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States.

"To see the city and town grow so much and really create more tech jobs, it's just really fantastic to be a part of it," said Uplift CEO and Co-Founder, Brian Barth. The theme at the event is 'change.' Eleven technology-related companies represent the largest industry segment of new businesses.

"People start to understand our community is changing and changing rapidly and we want the community to understand and embrace that change," said EDAWN President and CEO, Mike Kazmierski. "We know the fourth industrial revolution is eliminating a lot of jobs. If we're not bringing in the next generation of jobs we're going to have a problem in the not so distant future."

Elizabeth Redmond for example moved her Company CoWorkr to Reno from the Bay area not only because of the more attractive business climate and lower cost of living, she says Reno drew her in for other reasons too. "I am a huge outdoor enthusiast. If I can sneak in a workout doing anything running, hiking, skiing, that makes me a happy person," Redmond said.

EDAWN leaders say attracting tech-job creators like Redmond is their long term strategy to weather the next economic downturn when ever that could be.

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