Governance Committee

Made up of leaders from the business, government and nonprofit sectors, the Strengthening Stark Governance Committee oversees the Strengthening Stark effort and keeps the team accountable for creating a larger, younger and more prosperous community.

New Jobs Platform

Finding great opportunities that fit your talent can feel like maneuvering in a maze. What jobs are open near me? What credentials are required? What does the job pay? These are some questions job seekers routinely ask.

Now, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Ohio Means Jobs, the Stark County Auditor’s Office and Strengthening Stark, Stark County has a comprehensive jobs platform to help local residents find answers to their questions. The online database centralizes data from many sources to provide information to current job seekers as well as predict our workforce’s future critical needs.

This evolving tool benefits local residents by creating transparency between applicants and employers. It captures a full picture of the demand for certain skills, enabling people from all walks of life to make more informed educational choices. While it guides applicants with key pay estimates and career insight, it can also provide employers with personnel comparisons and considerations.
Employers and job seekers can view:
  • Job openings
  • Education requirements
  • Wage ranges
  • Job type (full time, part time, contract, internship etc.)
  • Top 10 occupations

The data is sourced from Ohio Means Jobs and the US Department of Labor. Ohio Means Jobs provides current job openings in our region, and the US Department of Labor provides data regarding regional wages, future job trends, educational requirements and experiential requirements. Combining the two in this resource is much needed, and developers will continue improving the platform. Currently, we are working to refine the tool by working with businesses to ensure the data gathered is accurate.

Hendrickson USA Expansion

The former county farm property in Navarre beat out at least six other locations (including Texas) to be the home of Hendrickson USA's new, 180,000-square-foot facility. The expansion will bring 100 to as many as 300 jobs to Stark.

My Stark Story: Kirt Conrad

Stark County's own SARTA has one of the largest fleets of hydrogen-powered buses in the world. Kirt Conrad of SARTA believes in this groundbreaking technology and developed a program to inspire others to follow in our county's footsteps.

Targeted Industry Growth

The 2017 data-driven Strengthening Stark report identified a number of industries in Stark County with significant growth potential. Since then, it's been a priority to develop and execute coordinated strategies to help existing companies within these targeted industries achieve their growth potential right here in Stark County.

Ray Hexamer, president of Stark Economic Development Board, recently gave a video update on the current efforts to assist the following five targeted industries expand and grow in our community:

  1. Metals Manufacturing
  2. Food Manufacturing
  3. Petrochemicals
  4. Hospitality and Tourism
  5. Digital Technology
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