Session 5 Starts this Saturday -- Parents: Wear your Tennis Shoes and Bring your Racquet!
Don't have a racquet? We'll loan you one!
FREE Lessons for parents of Session 5 Jr. players
Tennis Families at the TennisPlex 
Special for Session 5 
... and for NEW Session 6!
Session 5 will be short and FUN! ... and we will be asking parents to play. Tennis is a great Family sport!  We will host special programs for Mother's Day and Father's Day -- Get Ready!
PLAY TENNIS while your kids play in tennis class!
During Jr. Session 5 classes, TennisPlex will offer special adult lessons. 
patrio ladies group 9 2013 First 2 lessons will be FREE and additional lessons will be $10 each! Parent Lessons start week 2 of session.
Lessons are for all Levels and beginners are welcome.
Call office to sign up for your free lessons. 
Session 6 -- NEW Summer Program Format
We will be offering classes during the summer break for those who want to          continue weekdays after 6 pm and on weekends.  Schedule coming soon!
We will offer a limited schedule. 
For Session 5 & 6 Sessions we must have at least 5 players per court. 
We will offer make-ups during session only in other offered classes.