Save up to $36 on these Sizzlin’ Summer Packs!
Summer is heating up. Swimming, golfing, picnics and BBQs mean more fun … and (often times) more revealing clothes. So, if you want to look and feel your best in your shorts, swimsuits, and sleeveless dresses this summer, check out these special packs for you and your Customers! Both specials deliver serious appetite control and all-day energy that support a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Best of all: They are available for SmartShip, too!
Starting tomorrow ( June 11 at 9am CDT), you and your Customers can lock in these special prices and SAVE.

Choose the Elevate MAX Coffee D.O.S.E Duo + either Zest or KetoCre … 
then watch your energy rise, and the cravings and pounds melt away*
ElevaciTea™ Vanilla Chai is Back
Put it on SmartShip and Save!
The world’s first HAPPY TEA has become a PERMANENT PRODUCT because of popular demand. It's available as part of a D.O.S.E. Duo with XanthoMax ® and also available to put on SmartShip.

Here is a 90-second video you can watch and share from your EleApp:
Go to to Shop and Save! 
Use the promo code  HAPPY15  to save 15%!
#sipofsummer #elevateAndChill 
This summer, w e're giving away an extra $500 every week ( $100 x 5 winners every week, thru the end of August). To enter, share a social post (photo or short video) of your "elevated" summer fun drink recipes or serving suggestions with the official hashtag #sipofsummer or #elevateAndChill
Pthen post on Facebook or Instagram. Contest open to both Elepreneurs and Customers.

Tonight, we're excited to announce this week's FIVE $100 Winners - big congratulations!
Johanna Balluch
Misty Brewer Lee
Crystal Herzog
Jamie Ponchak
Amy Smith
New Happier MAX Re-Order Pack 
Item #25000
Wholesale $250
New 10-Pack of Elevate MAX
Trial Pack Mailers
By now, you have most likely seen the beautiful new Elevate MAX trial pack mailer that is designed to hold a four-day supply of Elevate MAX and XanthoMax. Due to popular demand, we are now making it available for you to purchase in your Elepreneur Back Office as a 10-pack (with no product). Please note that Elevate MAX sticks and XanthoMax blister packs are purchased separately.

Item #32500
Wholesale $14.95
Earn More ENROLLING New Customers through August!
Customers are the lifeblood of a healthy  Elepreneur business - that’s why we offer such a generous Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB). For the months of June, July, and August, this Cash Bonus Program is DOUBLED! 

See the chart. Make it happen!
Earn More KEEPING New Customers through August!
After you acquire new Customers, you want to KEEP them … and we want you to keep them too … that’s why we’ve set up a new Customer Retention Bonus for June, July, and August. Keep your new Customers in Month 2, earn a CRB. Keep your new Customers in Month 3, earn a CRB.  This month you can earn on the re-orders from new Customers in April and May, too!

See the chart. Make it happen!
New Customers = FREE Trial Packs through August
In addition to earning Double CAB Bonuses, you will be rewarded with FREE Trial Packs when you reach CAB qualifications (which can turn into MORE New Customers!).

See the chart. New Customers >> New Exposures. 
Popular Promotion is STAYING through August!
First Time Incentive Chart
Earn “First-Time Rank Incentive Bonuses” (aka Rank Up Bonuses)! All Bonuses are ADDITIVE within the month (so you can earn more than one).
  1. Place a Personal Order of at least 80 PV 
  2. Enroll at least 4 NEW people, each with an 80 PV order (can be any combination of Customers and Elepreneurs) – this is easier and more flexible than the qualification in May 
  3. Advance in rank higher than your LIFETIME RANK for the FIRST time in May
  4. Be in good standing with Elepreneurs and not promoting another company
Qualify in June! 
Then qualify AGAIN at a new rank in July!
Then qualify AGAIN at a new rank in August!

We have leveled up our training and communication with new Elepreneurs. Here are the series of emails and text messages that your new Elepreneurs receive.

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Sell a Trial Pack / Give a Trial Pack >> Get a New Customer
This is CRAZY …
You can bring in New Customers for FREE!
  • When you sell a Trial Pack, you earn $10.
  • Then you give a Trial Pack, which costs you $9.95.
Now you have 2 prospects evaluating MAX + Xantho.
Based on preliminary data, you may have 1 of these 2 prospects join as a Customer!
Rinse. Repeat.
Sell 1. Give 1. BOOM!
Sell 1. Give 1. BOOM!
Simple, simple, simple. Sample, sample, sample.
PLUS, we have the FREE Trial Pack Program when you enroll 3, 5 or 7 New Customers, during the month of June.