It's almost here!
A NEW virtual tool to help you and your customers is arriving in your shopping cart soon! The L’BRI Skin Care Advisor is a fun and easy way to help your customers choose the skin care products that are just right for them! They are going to love this!

Best of all, this FREE tool will be available for everybody and is easily used with a mobile device or computer system. Now you have a way to help your customers choose the right products 24/7 !
Beginning tomorrow, March 4 , anyone who visits your shopping cart will be invited to try out the Skin Care Advisor. They simply answer a few basic questions about their age, skin type and any concerns they may want to address. The option to upload a selfie adds the ability to digitally evaluate their skin for additional concerns.

Once the results are in, the products are ready to select and purchase right from your cart! The whole process can be done in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee!
Earn this FREE limited-edition t-shirt in March

What’s the most important step when using L’BRI products? Say it with us…”Wash your face!”

When you add just 10 NEW buying customers in March, you can earn this T-shirt – FREE! When you use the Skin Care Advisor, you can build your business virtually anywhere (in the United States)!

Think of all the people you know who would have fun using the Skin Care Advisor. When 10 or more NEW customers make a purchase, this T-shirt is yours!
With the new Skin Care Advisor you can easily earn this tee, March is going to be a great time to share L'BRI far and wide!
Are you ready?