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Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
Vol. 9, Issue 2 (September 14/17)
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August 2017 
Hamilton Employment Stats

Unemployment Rate: 4.6% (Yearly change: -1.7 points decrease)

Participation Rate: 67.8% (Yearly change: 5.4 points increase)

Employment Rate: 
64.6% (Yearly change: 6.1 points increase)

(Info from Statistics Canada)

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Successful Labour Market Plan Community Forum held by WPH on September 13/17

Local employers, Employment Ontario employment service providers, Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, City of Hamilton, union, Aboriginal, and newcomer representatives attended Workforce Planning Hamilton's Labour Market Plan Community Forum on September 13/17.

The goal of the session was to identify Hamilton's multi-year labour market priorities and to develop local solutions to address these priorities.

Current labour market trends in Hamilton were reviewed and a list of labour market issues that were uncovered during intensive surveying of local employers, employment service providers, and key stakeholders were ranked according to importance by the group.

Further brainstorming using the Smart, Measurable, Relevant, Time-based (SMART) method teased out goals, actions, how to reach the project goal, and who would need to be involved to make the initiative a success.

Stay tuned for the full Labour Market Plan heading your way by the end of October!
Statistics Canada, Fourth 2016 Census of Population release: Income

Recently Statistics Canada released information for the Hamilton Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) on families, households and marital status, income, language and population.

In Hamilton CMA the median income in 2015 was $35,319 for both genders. For males the median income was $42,190 and for females it was $29,872.

In Canada the total income for both genders in 2015 was $34,204. For males the median income was $40,782 and for females it was $28,860.
Developing Cultural Dexterity in Your Organization: video by Lionel Laroche

Due to funding from the Government of Alberta, Lionel Laroche, Multicultural Business Solutions was able to record a total of 19 presentations.

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