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December 2019
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Scottish Feminist Judgments
(Re)Creating Law from the Outside In
Edited by Sharon Cowan, Chloë Kennedy,
and Vanessa E Munro
An innovative collaboration between academics, practitioners,
activists, and artists, this timely and provocative book rewrites
16 significant Scots law cases, spanning a range of substantive
topics from a feminist perspective. Exposing power, politics, and
partiality, feminist judges provide alternative accounts that bring
gender equity concerns to the fore, whilst remaining bound by
the facts and legal authorities encountered by the original court.
Paying particular attention to Scotland’s distinctive national
identity, fluctuating experiences of political sovereignty, and
unique legal traditions and institutions, this book contributes in
a distinctive register to the emerging dialogue amongst feminist
judgment projects across the globe. Its judgments address
concerns not only about gender equality, but also about the
interplay between gender, class, national identity, and citizenship in contemporary Scotland.

ISBN 9781509923267
Hart Publishing
Caught In Between Borders
Citizens, Migrants and Humans
Edited by Sandra Mantu, Karin Zwaan, and Paul Minderhoud
Caught In Between Borders: Citizens, Migrants and Humans
reflects the fact that the same individual can be a citizen, a migrant,
or a human being within the same borders and that this categorization
can change just like that. This title captures not only the academic
fascination of professor Elspeth Guild for borders but also,
to a certain extent, the life of Elspeth herself. The book contains 33
scientific contributions by (former) colleagues, PhD students, and
friends of Elspeth Guild, all of whom have had a special connection
with the Centre for Migration Law (CMR). The contributions
are divided into five categories: borders, citizens, migrants, asylum,
and the global compact on migration. They reflect the versatility of
the work and interest of professor Elspeth Guild, who was professor
of European Migration Law from 2001-2019 at the Faculty of
Law of the Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
ISBN 9789462405509
Wolf Legal Publishers
Intersecting Views on National and International Human Rights Protection
Liber Amicorum Guido Raimondi
Edited by Roberto Chenal, Iulia Antoanella Motoc, Linos-
Alexandre Sicilianos, and Robert Spano
Guido Raimondi’s mandate as President of the European Court
of Human Rights is coming to an end. In view of his departure,
his colleagues, judges at the Court, judges in national
and international jurisdictions, as well as his Colleagues at the
International Labour Organisation and his numerous friends,
wish to pay tribute to the wealth of Guido Raimondi’s professional accomplishments, which culminated with his Presidency of the Court, as well as his exceptional contribution to the latter institution. The wide range of topics in the present work reflects the diversity of Guido Raimondi’s interests, which include not only civil and political rights, but economic and social rights as well, particularly in the sphere of labour law. The different forms of judicial dialogue addressed in the present work further reflect one of President Raimondi’s key contributions. The contributions are authored in the English, Italian, and French language. It is against this backdrop that the contributions seek to honour an exceptional personality who has left his mark on the European Court of Human Rights.

ISBN 9789462405172
Wolf Legal Publishers

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