March 26, 2020
A Message to CSR's Volunteers and Fosters
CSR Leadership Changes

First things first: The Canine Soulmates team sends its best to all its wonderful volunteers and fosters. In these trying times, we're here if you need help. Stay safe, stay well, and stay in touch.


Canine Soulmates Rescue would like to announce recent changes in our Board Member and Officer roles.
Melinda Rhodes, co-founder of Canine Soulmates Rescue, has resigned as President and Board Member as of January 2020. Taking her place on the Board and accepting the role as CSR's President is Lora Hall, CSR volunteer since 2017.

Melinda will stay active with CSR as a foster, attending events, providing a storage unit, and in other ways as needed. “Right now, it is important that I focus on work, college, and family, in addition to the 4 fur kids around the house. I am super excited about the direction CSR is headed, and look forward to continuing to foster and attend events,” Melinda wrote about the changes.

During Melinda's tenure as president and/or Board Member since the rescue's founding in 2009, CSR has rescued and adopted out almost 1,100 dogs. CSR's volunteers -- and all those dogs -- are forever grateful.


Current Board Members and their email addresses are:

Lora Hall --
Paula McCoart--
Becky Gehres --
Priscilla Davenport --

CSR's officers are:

Lora Hall, President
Paula McCoart, Vice President
Priscilla Davenport, Secretary-Treasurer 

Enthusiasm is high as Lora's leadership role begins.

"We are so lucky to have Lora's energy and focus as our new president and board member, " said Priscilla. "She has amazing organizational skills and great ideas for moving CSR forward. With Lora's guidance, we are working on revamping our volunteer systems and growing our foster base. We've slowed down on intakes during that work, but it should pay off soon."
CSR's New President,
Lora Hall

Lora Hall was introduced to CSR after adopting a dog from us in 2017. While finalizing the adoption paperwork with Paula McCoart, she mentioned her interest in volunteering. Paula invited her to join the home check team. Lora also started attending the bi-weekly adoption events at Petco. Eventually, she began assisting with record keeping, finalizing adoptions, and jumping in wherever else she could.
Lora works for Green Worldwide Shipping as a Business Development Manager. She has a 25+ year career in the global logistics industry, and joined Green in 2017, helping open their 9 th branch located at DFW airport.

Lora experienced a true “who rescued who?” instance in 2007 with a Pit Bull/Australian Shepherd mix named Lucy. Changing the life of a dog that had been severely mistreated, and feeling how Lucy was able to help her through a recent loss, showed Lora the value and importance of the dog/human relationship. She’s been an advocate of dog rescue ever since.
The volunteers at Canine Soulmates have become such wonderful friends over the last couple years. I am thrilled to take on this new adventure with them. We have an ambitious vision for CSR. We will be taking some time to rebuild and restructure our framework so we can emerge fully prepared to move into our next phase with a fresh, inspired, and focused approach, ” said Lora.

Volunteer Team Leadership Roles

I f you are interested in becoming part of CSR's leadership as a team coordinator, or as team member, please contact any board member directly to learn more about a specific position. We want your help! We NEED your help! Canine Soulmates Rescue is looking to fill the following coordinator roles:
*Community Outreach / Special Events Coordinator
*Intake Coordinator
*Foster Coordinator
*Adoption Coordinator
*Medical Coordinator
*Publicity/Social Media Coordinator
We'll send more information about these positions in a separate email.
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