Welcome to the New Year, Educators!

This issue is geared for middle & high school STEM teachers.

Can you name one thing you use that doesn't have roots in the soil?

Welcome back to school after your well-deserved holiday break. We are excited to join you in your classroom for the New Year! Through education, New Mexico Ag in the Classroom (NMAITC) strives to foster in students an understanding of the significant role agriculture plays in our lives each day.

"Land and Soil in the Ecosystem"

Middle School

"Earths Land and Soil Resources"

High School

In this lesson, students will discover that topsoil is a nonrenewable resource and use an apple to model how Earth’s land resources are used. Through critical thinking, students study agricultural land use and consider the sustainability of current land use practices including the use of land to feed and graze livestock animals.

Get students to think critically and problem-solve a current global issue of how to grow more food to meet the needs of a growing global population with diminishing natural resources.

Other Soil Lessons

Project-Based Learning Resources

Looking for activities that get your students thinking critically? Challenge your students to design, develop, and construct hands-on solutions to real-world problems through the following activities.

NMAITC "Project Based Learning" Lessons & Activities

Lesson 2: Soil Nutrients

Students will identify nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus as primary soil nutrients necessary in the production of abundant and healthy foods, describe various methods of replenishing soil nutrients that have been depleted by plant growth, discover how overall plant health impacts a plant’s ability to resist disease and pests and describe what best management practices are in agriculture to improve overall sustainability.

Soil Nutrients Lesson

New U.S. Farm Family

We are excited to introduce Journey 2050’s newest farm family from California, United States, the Van Löben Sels!

Students will now virtually farm in Kenya, and India and then choose between Canada or the United States for their final farm country. Once a student chooses their preferred country, they will farm in that country for the remainder of the game.

Journey 2050’s new US farm family will expose students to new crops, investment opportunities, and best management practices on their farm.

The 2024 National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference will take place June 24-27 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Submission Deadline:

Febuary 15, 2024

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2024 National Conference Scholarships

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Scholarship Qualifications:

  • State-certified classroom teacher
  • PreK-12th grade teacher Currently employed by a public or private school
  • Plan to teach during 2024- 2025 school year

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