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Celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Blues Brothers by revisiting this blockbuster movie with Chicago Movie Tours. This exciting program will discuss genre, impact on Chicago-based film making, and share all the best Blues Brothers backstories. Enjoy photographs, video footage, commentary, and famous Blues Brothers music. Who could forget the scenes shot right here in Wauconda? This dynamic program will be presented live on Zoom with optional chat for your questions.
by Therese Anne Fowler

Submitted by Kelly K.
This book made me very emotional, and is very timely with race in the forefront. It also confronts issues of class, raising teenagers, environmentalism, and more. 
I loved it until things went awry, but I kept reading. Though I really wanted something different to happen, it was heartbreakingly good and very thought provoking. 
This book would be a good next read if you enjoyed Little Fires Everywhere .
by Anne Bogel

Submitted by Kelly F.
Could you be overthinking things? Many people with perfectionist tendencies overthink - a lot! Anne Bogel analyzes the problem of overthinking and gives practical steps forward: expect good things, choose what to think about, limit options. If lengthy decision making, and a paralyzing need for certainty, are creating detours and dead ends in your life, then just read this book...don’t overthink it!   
by Emily St. John Mandel

Submitted by Kelly K.
A deeply layered and intricate tale, written with amazing style. Flashing back and forward, the character’s lives and secrets are revealed, intertwined in various locations and with the past ever-haunting the present. A secluded hotel, a Ponzi scheme, a shipping adventure, Manhattan, a correctional facility -- all play a role. I fell into this book but slowly savored the story, fascinated by how it would all eventually come together. A+

by Becky Albertalli & Aisha Saeed

Submitted by Emily D.
Jamie is roped into canvassing for the local election because his cousin is the campaign manager...but also Jamie really cares about politics. Maya's mom promised her a car if she volunteers to canvas. No matter the reason for starting, Jamie and Maya begin to reconnect as they join each other canvassing and learn a lot more about each other and their community.
by Tom Fletcher

Submitted by Katie B.
Love this book!! Any interactive books are always a hit in our family!
This one you get to pat, fly, and give high fives!
Just be careful and close the book slowly at the end.
by Ted Arnold

Submitted by Kelly M.
A Theodore Geisel Honor Book

The first book in a beloved beginning reader series. Funny and full of pictures to support the text to help readers feel confident.
by Triumph Books

Submitted by Katie S.
This book is about the incredible Los Angeles Lakers' legend. 

Be inspired by his positive attitude, work ethic, and skills.
by Janae Marks

Submitted by Stefanie M.
It’s Zoe Washington’s 12th birthday, and she just had her dream party at her favorite bakery. Everything is going perfectly until she finds the letter. The letter from her father who has been incarcerated her entire life, who she’s never heard from until now. Or so she thought. All her life, she’s had the idea that her father was a horrible man, a convicted murderer, and someone who would never be a part of her life. 
Follow Zoe as she begins a pen pal relationship with her father, starts a journey to investigate the truths she thought were absolute, and figures out that everything in the world might not be as black and white as she originally thought. 
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