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New Life Directions
- Your Alliances with the Outside World -

by Selacia

As we go into the last days of July, it’s helpful to reflect on the past couple of months of roller-coaster energies. If you’re like most of us, you’ve felt challenged by the continual parade of intensity and escalated emotions. Ironic, you might say, to feel the impact of these things so much when we’re in a pandemic and less tangibly engaged with the outside world. Energy is energy, however, and we can’t escape its effect by being less social. Continue reading to understand both your opportunities now and some welcome energetic relief coming Tuesday.
Tuesday the Moon catalyzes some supportive energies involving Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. This could help facilitate courage and self-trust needed to address difficult relationship issues experienced in recent weeks. Bonds with others that had become shaky could become more stable. People who had been overly combative and aggressive could be more willing to talk, to listen, and to be diplomatic.

These relationship dynamics reflect a larger theme involving partnerships and social connections. The universe is bringing these to our attention now as part of our global societal restructuring. This impacts all of us, for historically our partnerships have been built with a focus on the ego and what each person or group "gets" from the other. Ego-based and ego-power based structures are dinosaurs in the 2020s. They must be updated for us to progress and create a sustainable way of living, relating, and being. They must be transformed for us to move out of fear and into a way of being that is based on love.

Right now we are being nudged to look more deeply at how we relate to one another. In fact, this is an auspicious time to reflect on and update relationships with friends, groups, and partnerships. Ahead of the August 3 Aquarius Full Moon, there is ample support for this. This support doesn't mean it's easy - real change, by its very nature, is a painstakingly slow and difficult process.

Indeed, energies over the next several days will challenge us to update our relationships with the outside world. These updates are necessary, on a regular basis, yet especially now in these moments of escalated evolution.

Updating Our Partnerships

How do we do this? Firstly, a step at a time. Secondly, by our taking what I call "the high road of spirit" and being the one to be diplomatic and open, even if the other person is unable to do so. Thirdly, by our remembering the long view, factoring in long bonds over time and future positive potentials.

On a practical level, we benefit from remembering that preparation is essential for success. That's a life skill that applies to pretty much everything we do. That includes preparation for interactions with partners.

Preparation Skills & Qualities

The key foundation in preparation is energetic, our being in the correct mindset with a high frequency. We must be grounded, present, and able to hold a space of openness. These qualities are developed over time as part of our spiritual practice. To sustain these energies is an ongoing effort. It's not enough to be grounded and centered the day before a potentially-stressful meeting with a partner occurs. We must apply our skills regularly throughout a day, and especially ahead of and during such meetings.

When we are energetically prepared, the other practical preparations can go more smoothly. Those include remembering to check the logistics of meetings and other details that can make all the difference in outcomes.

When we continue to apply our spiritual practice throughout the preparation and into the actual interaction, we are more likely to effectively manage our fire when discussions get heated - avoiding words we may regret later.

All of this is a developing skill. Some days it's easier to apply our skill. On other days, like when conflicts erupt without advance warning, it's not so easy to apply what we know and what we've learned. Our ego, or conditioned self, steps in and can lead us down an unproductive path.

When Things Go Wrong

When you realize that you've gone down an unproductive path, don't judge yourself or the partner who likely did the same thing. We're all human, after all.

We've on a soul level chosen to be alive now in perhaps the most tumultuous time of our planet's history. There are very good reasons for this, even if our logical mind cannot grasp them now. And, as I often say, we're prepared for this, much more than we can possibly know!

Good News - Opportunities

Good news for context first.
One piece of good news is obvious - we aren't alone in transforming our partnerships. Everyone is needing to do it.

The old ego-based ways of relating and partnering are falling away from their own weight. They don't work. They didn't work before, of course, yet in previous historical cycles humanity wasn't ready for a big-scale restructuring. The consciousness wasn't there. The urgency wasn't there. The planetary energies didn't support it. The current shift - seemingly overnight but in reality more like a slow-moving train that gained momentum in sync with factors mentioned here - accelerated in a quantum way as 2020 began. There now is no turning back.

Opportunities arise from the good news I just described.
They will be unfolding in direct and more subtle ways. Some of them may not appear to be opportunities, yet they indeed will be.

Example: the pandemic. On the surface it may not look like an opportunity. However, a pandemic in the 2020s can create even more breakthroughs and societal evolution than pandemics of other centuries. We're already seeing changes in how people relate to one another - oftentimes with more compassion than before. We're already noticing the increased level of spiritual space this pandemic is helping to create in peoples' lives. It's not about time or location in a linear sense. The openness and spaciousness is catalyzing creativity and a willingness to explore options previously not explored. People who before were "driven by the clock" or commuting long distances to work now are discovering that they are more balanced, more focused, and in some cases more inspired.

Another example: interdependence. Our true nature is as social beings, interdependent with one another from the moment we are born.

In my book Predictions 2020, I write:
"Throughout our life our experiences, growth, and potentials are in large part determined by our bonds with others. None of us can do everything alone - we depend on each other."

As our global society became increasingly dysfunctional - often in a climate of division and hostility - our natural bonds and ways of helping one another became compromised. Things devolved into "us vs them" and we became disconnected from our true nature. On a country level, this has translated into a rising wave of nationalism and hate.

The road to our future - if humanity is to survive - is a mega shift to embracing our interdependence. It's personal, between individuals and groups of people, and it's humanity as a collective waking up and grasping the imperative of coming together. In my Predictions 2020 book I speak about potential doorways for accelerating this process: the pandemic and climate.

I look forward to your feedback on these themes and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2020. Feel free to contact me at my website.

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Full Moon Live & Recorded Global Meditation
Dear friends,

August 1 is our Full Moon meditation. A key focus is new life directions and insights about your alliances with the outside world. Current energies are putting a spotlight on the status of your involvement with friends, social groups, organizations, and joint collaborations.

The universe is bringing these alliances to your attention - so you can look at them and make any adjustments needed. For some of you, this means creating new alliances to supplement those you already have. Example: this could be an opening to bring a new friend or colleague into your life - or to re-evaluate one you recently added to your alliances. In our current chaotic and often confusing energies, it can be challenging to effectively discern meanings and potentials as we engage with others in the outside world. A collaboration that seems to have long-term potential can turn out to be more of a current learning tool or catalyst for a new focus.

Therefore, now is a good time to look at what your alliances are teaching you - about yourself and the world. At our meditation, you will be assisted with spirit's higher view and a deeper look at the gift of specific key alliances.

In Saturday's meditation, you will have assistance with these things and a helpful energy reset. If you haven't come to these monthly meditations in a while, don't miss this one.
New to our meditations or haven't yet registered for this next one? Click below for information and registration. I look forward to having you with us on August 1!

Love and blessings,
Saturday August 1 * Live & Recorded
Virtual Only: 6:30-8:30pm Pacific Time
Full Moon
Virtual Global Meditation

Selacia's live and recorded global meditation, timed within the window of the August 3 Aquarius full moon.

This moon is a significant annual marker of endings and completions with the outside world: friends, organizations, social groups, and joint collaborations. These outer-world alliances are a key factor in what you are able to manifest, achieve, and experience as a soul. A review of these alliances - and any adjustments or endings needed - is crucial to your moving forward in 2020.

Attend to receive quantum healing and insights designed to catalyze new life directions and projects important to you as a soul. You will receive spirit's guidance about your alliances with other people and groups, helping you to discern what to update, adjust, or end.

Begin to receive the beneficial energies of this event by registering early. If you have been to these meditations before, you know that you also benefit for weeks after one of these events - new insights and healing catalysts occurring in your life.

In the global peace process, you and other participants from around the world will help generate healing and higher frequencies needed for a more loving world.

Whether you attend live or with the recording, you can benefit from working with the MP3 a second time - each time receiving new insights and energetic support.
Crystals (optional for registrants): if you have a favorite crystal you want to energetically include in our meditation (live or MP3), designate it in advance of guided process. Not necessary to hold the crystal, but you can if desired.  A quantum grid of healing will be created with the crystals, as part of the planetary healing.

Essential oils (optional for registrants): if you resonate with essential oils, it's recommended that you apply or diffuse therapeutic grade oils. These will raise your frequency and help you experience the healing energies on a deep level. Among the oils often suggested: Frankincense, Sacred Mountain, Clarity, Ylang Ylang, 3 Wise Men, Abundance, Joy. The ones I work with are from Young Living. If you are new to aromatherapy or want more information about these oils from Young Living, contact me.

All registrants receive MP3.

Note: this is a virtual audio event - no on-site attendance until future notice.
No limit on global teleclass attendance - from anywhere in the world. On registration, receive bridge line number for your country. Call in 10 minutes early to connect with live participants from around the world. Live group sharing happens at the very end of the meditation, too, after the recorded portion ends.

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Selacia's Predictions 2020 eBook

Your Guide To This Rare Year Of Upheaval & Change
In this book, I describe both the happenstance, and energies of 2020 and what led to this rare year. For context I describe themes continuing this year and how to understand them with a long view.

An example is alliances. Throughout history, alliances have been pivotal forces in evolution and awakening. We are social beings, and our connections with others are essential for self-evolution, learning, and success. None of us is an island. We must connect with others to create our best and most joyful lives.

In Predictions 2020, if you haven't already read the chapter " Alliances Pivotal to Evolutionary Change in 2020," I explain what will be needed in 2020 and the 2020s for a sustainable and loving world. Each of us is responsible for creating that by how we live our lives now.

If you read the book when it first came out, I suggest re-reading - focusing on key sections like this that may be most relevant to you at this juncture.

In today's world - with our evolution time-clock in overdrive and so much changing so fast, we are virtually morphing into more evolved versions of ourselves in a short time. Who we were when 2020 started is NOT who we are now - in consciousness, in awareness, in what we think is important, and in what we are inspired to create, be and do.

To better understand this, and for specific tools for transforming your life in 2020, I invite you to order and read my book:  Predictions 2020.

Thanks to all of you who have purchased this 95-page book, read it, and either posted a review on amazon kindle or emailed me one. If you enjoyed the book, please tell a friend you sense would benefit.

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Divine Changemakers Courses
-New Annual 4-Week Live Course
-Your Cosmic Self & You - Virtual Course
New Divine Changemakers Course
September 20 to October 24

Next new annual 4-week live Divine Changemakers Course is happening in September-October! Theme and title will be determined in the coming weeks. As is typical, it will focus on something timely and relevant to the moments we are living in.

The new experiential and transformative course will be supplemented by 2 live and recorded Practicums in 2021. These give you hands-on experiential work with processes and tools from the 4-week course. There is a recording of the live group call, too, so you can work with the process throughout 2021 for additional support. The other bonus of Practicums is the group connection with other participants on the live group calls.

No prerequisites required for the September-October 4-week Divine Changemakers Course.
The 4-week course for 2019 was " Your Cosmic Self & You," now available as a virtual course, described below.
Each year since 2012, I've offered a brand-new 4-week course for global participation. We've had people from all continents, representing all walks of life. The idea for these courses came to me after I did a presentation at the UN focused on the difference between ego power and divine power.

The theme and content is different year-to-year. Within that context, each 4-week course has 4 sections that relate to 4 key aspects of life/spiritual growth: (1) Personal and spiritual (2) Abundance - money and situations (3) Life purpose and work (4) Relationships and love.
There is a live and recorded group call for each of the 4 weeks.
Here's a comment from a longtime participant in the Divine Changemakers Series:
"These are challenging times. The Divine Changemakers courses give me tools to deal with the tremendous changes and give me more clarity about my life purpose. There is a steady stream of positivity in my life due to my participation in your courses and meditations. I am eternally grateful for the inner strength both the Divine Changemakers courses and meditations have given me."
- Rosalie B. Kahn
Author of My Healing Heart
Your Cosmic Self & You Virtual Course

This virtual course will help you understand your place in today's society and the cosmos. In particular during 2020, this course can be your lifeline to finding meaning, stability, and a deeper connection to spirit.

As part of that, this course can help you to further develop self-trust and discernment.

It will be your catalyst to take the leap into living as a cosmic being here on Earth!

In this course you will find practical application that helps you have inner peace and thrive - now during the 2020 upheaval - and beyond.

First offered live in 2019, this course is now virtual and can be taken from any location around the world. This unique course can be a key tool for your personal and spiritual growth in 2020 - helping you to develop mastery of living in quantum vs linear.

During 4-weeks of material and guided process - worked with at your own pace:
The Council of 12 and I will guide you, helping you grasp: your larger self that is eternal and cosmic, your purpose here now, how to navigate your relationships, and how to be a pivotal leader in our world's massive shift to love.

With this energetic support and priceless practical tools for self-evolution, you will begin to see yourself as the divine being you truly are - AND to step into a way of being reflecting of this larger self.
Register now to begin working with the practical life-changing tools in this course - at the same time having the prerequisite for course's 2 Practicums.
Other Offerings by Selacia
Private Virtual Sessions With Selacia Via Zoom, Phone, WhatsApp, Skype
Most likely, last year you began sensing that this year would bring big changes in the world. You may have sensed, too, that you would be revamping your life in some way and discovering how to be more resourced so you could thrive during the ups-and-downs of societal changes

We're now in the moments you had intuited.

This indeed is the time to access and clear what has been blocking you, perhaps for years as you struggled to find yourself and your higher purpose.

Most likely your alliances with others need a refocus to reflect where you are now. Also, some of what blocks you may be so off of your radar that it is difficult to detect. Most likely you are quite intuitive, and perhaps do inner work and healing for yourself. Despite this, having a neutral and trusted professional like Selacia work with you can help you see and clear things that your ego-self isn't letting you fully address.

In private virtual sessions with Selacia, you will benefit from a deeper kind of work that fully supports you as you navigate the uncertainty and unknowns of 2020. This work is a process over time, allowing you to become more comfortable with yourself and grow your bond with spirit so that it's unbreakable and solid.

Private sessions give you a safe space to talk about your concerns and your personal issues coming up now. They help you to validate what you know to be true. They support your life revamping and new actions you will need to take to facilitate a new life structure more suited to the quantum being you truly are.

Virtual sessions can be by Zoom, phone, WhatsApp, or Skype.

The basic modality is DNA healing which addresses your present, conditioning, ancestral patterns, connections with loved ones on the other side, and soul journey involving past lives. Other modalities include astrology, pet sessions, crystal journey sessions. Private intensives are offered as advanced work for established regular clients. Note: private work with Selacia is a commitment you make to yourself and your evolution - it requires your active participation and dedication.

If this work calls to you, visit Selacia's website and order your DNA session now. As soon as you do this, you have set in motion a powerful and tangible healing alchemy that begins the process. Energetic support begins from that moment, preparing you for this deeper work with Selacia.
To get started, order a DNA session at the website and contact Selacia for details/scheduling.

Selacia's Books
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