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Halloween Fun Event!
We hope to see you at our Halloween Fun Event this Saturday the 28th at 1:00pm!

Our events for the day include a Costume Contest, Talent Show, Trick or Treat, and a Silent Auction! We will have prizes and free food!

Restorative Justice at CTF
At New Life K9s our supporters have made it possible for us to utilize the prison system to teach future service dogs. This opportunity creates an overwhelmingly positive impact in every aspect. We are able to teach many more dogs by using the prisons and our cost per dog is lower, meaning every dollar donated to New Life K9s is helping us provide Service Dogs for as many individuals as possible.
Utilizing the prisons has not only been positive for New Life K9s, it has had a remarkable impact on the prison inmates and staff. Inmates at Correctional Training Facility (CTF) in Soledad, CA conducted interviews with veteran inmates and staff asking how New Life K9s has impacted various areas of the prison.

Inmate Laureles, W. (U.S. Marine Corp)
Q: As an inmate veteran, how does having the service dogs at our facility help you?
A: Being amongst the dogs as they're being trained and witnessing their unconditional love is therapeutic. For me to get to interact with them offers healing. It's therapeutic just being able to play with them, pet them, and they're able to make you laugh .

Q: What change(s) have you observed in the culture of this facility since the implementation of the NLK9 program?
A: I have seen grown men become like little children when they played with the dogs who are just puppies.

Q: What restorative practice(s) do you see manifesting by having service dogs trained by inmates, and what message does this program speak to you?
A: It provides an avenue for us to give back to the community and for people who are in need. It gives us an opportunity to put others first. It tells me that, even though I'm a prisoner, I still have value, worth, and I still matter.

Inmate Brown, C. (U.S. Army)
Q:What do you think is one of the better parts of the NLK9 program?
A: I like the fact that inmates have the opportunity to show the veterans that people actually care. I'm glad to see that inmates and staff are able to work to give back to society.

Inmate Knapp, E. (U.S. Marine Corp)
Q: What value do you see in having the service dogs here in regards to the inmate population?
A: Hope for a better future.

Correctional Sergeant Magallon
Q: What rehabilitation value do you see from having inmates teach service dogs?
A: I see it giving inmates a sense of responsibility by serving another creature. I see that since inmates know it helps veterans, it give them a sense of self pride. It also gives them a unique skill when they return to society.

Q: Do you see the cultural environment at this facility changing by having the K9s?
A: Yes, it humbles the inmate population.

Correctional Sergeant Gracey
Q: What rehabilitation value do you see from having inmates teach service dogs?
A: It gives people hope and a sense of purpose, since you're able to give back to society by helping a service veteran.
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Lil Curtis with Volunteer
Puppy Raiser Cathie
Service Dogs at SLO Transit
Thanks to SLO Transit for allowing New Life K9s Service Dogs to practice with one of their busses.

We expose our service dogs to as many different experiences as possible to ensure they are confident and prepared for any situation once they are placed with a Veteran or First Responder. All of the dogs enjoyed their time learning about busses and all the different noises they make. Enjoy the pictures!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer puppy raiser with New Life K9s please email us at
Annie with Volunteer
Puppy Raiser Kate
Gracie with Volunteer
Puppy Raiser Mallory
Red with Volunteer
Puppy Raiser Kelly
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