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Hi everyone!

The recent Black Lives Matter Edition Shirts store went ahead and closed so that all of the orders could be processed and shipped to you all. This is the new link for the next two weeks until August 14 and there will be one more after this through the end of the monthKeep supporting!

(Order before August 14, 2020)
Jayvon & Shaila
Jayvon: Hi, my name is Jayvon Harmon and I am a senior student-athlete at CSD.
Shaila: Hi, my name is Shaila Sams and I am a sophomore student-athlete. 
Jayvon: I’m sure you’re aware of what has been happening lately with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement to show support which has made me very proud. We are now asking for more of your support.
Shaila: We know that staff and students are always wanting more cool CSD shirts. We can use them to look cool during distance learning and use them when we are back on campus soon. 
Jayvon: We are working together with the Athletics Department to sell awesome BLM shirts. Go ahead and order your shirts this week and they will be mailed to your home. 
Shaila: The proceeds will be donated to CSD’s Black Students Activities and Leadership fund. Please support us!
Jayvon: Thank you for your support!