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December 2019
This Month's Featured Titles
Perfect Imperfections
By Makanaka Mavengere-Munsaka
Perfect Imperfections by Makanaka Mavengere-Munsaka tells
the story of Maxine, a young woman who escapes an abusive
polygamous marriage to a man much older than her to make a
new life in Harare, Zimbabwe. Once in Harare, Maxine begins
working as a helper for five women who become a large part of
her life as she becomes a witness to their most intimate of moments and struggles.
ISBN 9781928337836
Jacana Media
The Shelf Life of Zora Cross
By Cathy Perkins

Australian poet and journalist Zora Cross caused a sensation in 1917 with her book Songs of Love and Life. Here was a young
woman, who looked like a Sunday school teacher, celebrating sexual passion in a provocative series of sonnets. She was
hailed as a genius, and many expected her to endure as a household name alongside Shakespeare and Rossetti. While Cross’s fame didn’t last, she kept writing through financial hardship, personal tragedies, and two world wars, producing a remarkable body of work.

ISBN 9781925835533
Monash University Publishing
Meet Me at Lennon's

ISBN 9780702262616
University of Queensland Press
Arrest Me, for I Have Run Away

ISBN 9781912109821
Parthian Books

ISBN 9781988531694
Otago University Press
After Frank

ISBN 9781909719170
Gainsborough House
Long lives of short sagas
The Irrepressibility of Narrative and the Case of Illuga saga Gríðarfóstra

ISBN 9788740832495
University Press of Southern Denmark

ISBN 9780995705227
Carcanet Press LTD/Little Island Press
Independent Publishers Group | Website
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