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Beth Paxson
We've Secured Our New Location!
A little over a year ago, we announced the transitions of our yoga studio; the sale of the building, and a change in ownership from Julie Gudmestad to Beth Paxson. The building sold this spring and now we are approaching the point of moving out of the Kelly Building to our new location at  6840 SW Macadam Ave.

new location
We are anticipating this move will occur at the end of December/beginning of January. More specific dates will be announced as our schedule solidifies. 

When this all began a year ago, we inquired about students' skills, talents, and ideas relative to the business transition. Now we are reaching out to inquire about students' skills relative to the move. We would like to make this move a community event, as we journey into our new space.

At this point, we are trying to get a sense of who might be willing/available to help. You can let us know by email or by filling out one of the forms available at the studio.

What we need:

~ People who have carpentry skills and/or tools.

~ Vehicles

~ Moving Containers

~ Floors disassembled and moved

~ Shelving, hooks, cubbies, ropes disassembled and moved

~ Props packed and moved

~ Front Desk disassembled and moved

~ Kitchen area disassembled and moved

~ Food, snacks, water

~ Words of encouragement

We look forward to seeing you soon, hopefully for the beginning of Winter Term!

Beth Paxson 
The Winter Term begins the week of January 6, 2020. Call now to register. 503.223.8157.

More information will be coming in our winter newsletter.

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