October 14, 2016
  What's New?

Read below for a number of announcements regarding new logos, new profiles, and a new member contest, but here's one news item we'd like to draw your attention to:

NEW Continual Improvement Commitment for Maryland Green Registry Members

 A commitment to continually improve environmental performance has always been a guiding principle of the Maryland Green Registry and an approach that pays great dividends in terms of environmental benefits and cost savings.  Recognizing this, the member application now asks for a commitment to "strive to continually improve your environmental performance" and to "update your member profile at least every three years."  

What does this mean for new and current members?  It means that all members should continue to educate themselves on environmental best practices, solicit ideas from employees, participate in Maryland Green Registry member contests, and try to expand upon or implement at least one new practice each year. The Maryland Green Registry website is full of tips and resources and we offer programs, webinars, and on-site technical assistance throughout the year to support you.  

In terms of updating your profile, we encourage members to identify annual goals and projects and update your member profile annually. At a minimum, members are asked to update their profile every three years in order to stay on the Registry list. 

Thank you to all the Maryland Green Registry members for your continued participation in the program. Your energy, enthusiasm and innovation shines through in your member profiles and is inspiring to the many visitors to the website from around the state and around the world.  Keep up the great work!

Laura Armstrong                                                                                                                                           Maryland Green Registry Coordinator

NEW Member Contest

There's no time like the present to check your facility's water and/or compressed air lines for leaks. Small leaks in either system have the potential to amount to significant cost losses over time.

Whether you have an ongoing preventative maintenance program to check for leaks or you organize a facility-wide audit, let us know and your organization will be entered into a prize drawing at next year's Maryland Green Registry Membership and Awards event.  Click here for more information.

NEW Maryland Green Registry Logo and Web Address
The logo has been updated for easier use in social media and while we encourage you to use the new logo, we also want to discourage waste! There's no need to throw out those embroidered company t-shirts  and other promotional items that members have created with the old logo. 

Download the new member logos  here .  

Note that new window decals will be made available later in the year and that the new web address has been shortened to: green.maryland.gov
NEW Member Profile
The new format of the online member profiles allows us to include your organization's logo.

E-mail us your logo as a .jpg or .png file and we'll add it for you.

As always, take a moment to review your profile to ensure that it's up to date.

NEW LEED Standard

LEED v2009 will sunset for nine different rating systems on October 31, 2016, opening the way for LEED v4.  You can learn more online or in person at a USGBC Maryland breakfast on October 18. 
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