Looking to Hire?
As spring approaches, the pinch of the labor shortage surrounding commercial construction will once again take center stage. To ease this burden, it is vital for a company to utilize all of their available resources, and the MBI Job Board is one of those.

MBI.ourcareerpages.com is a free resource MBI members can use that allows them to post open positions within their companies. In addition, MBI is investing in the marketing and advertising of the job board to make sure the right candidates are able to find the right opportunities being offered by MBI members.

Check out MBI.ourcareerpages.com to post your open positions or contact Micah Loveless at MLoveless@mbionline.com or 515-657-4398 for more information! You can also find more information about MBI’s job board benefits by watching this video !
Training Vault 2.0 - Login Today!
Working with several recommendations from MBI member employees and a lot of hours meeting with developers, MBI is thrilled to release the latest version of the MBI Training Vault. The next time that you login, you will notice a new message header and reconfigured tabs. The more you navigate the Training Vault, you will see several features such as reporting capabilities and access to past MBI webinars. Additionally, multiple registration improvements have been made to help keep employers, employees, and MBI all on the same page with every registration. Here is a list of the changes that you can expect to see as an employee user:

  • Expired training notification – Employees will be notified when a credential is close to expiring to assure the necessary training is scheduled to avoid a lapse in the respective certification (i.e. CPR/First Aid, Supervisor/Management - Drugs of Abuse and Recognition, etc...).
  • Credential notification - Employees will be alerted when a credential has been added to their profile.
  • Registration notification – Employees will be emailed a registration confirmation as soon as the employee is officially registered for a course.
  • Course reminders - Employees will be emailed reminders of upcoming courses for which they are registered.
  • Master Builder Designation changes – Employees enrolled in the Master Builder Designation program will receive a notification when their credits change, as well as receiving a quarterly status update.
If you are interested in having MBI provide training to your employees and/or Training Vault Administrator(s) and for additional information on the MBI Training Vault and these upgrades, please contact Tom Fulcher at (515) 657-4395 or tfulcher@mbionline.com .
2018 Master Builder Achievement Award Winners!
As the Master Builder Designation programs gains more and more traction with MBI members, so does the desire for construction leaders to capture the coveted Master Builder Achievement Award. At the 2017 Annual Winter Conference, Lee Hollatz, The Hansen Company Inc., was the first recipient of the award. Fast forward just one year to the 2018 Annual Winter Conference where four industry professional were recognized and presented with their Master Builder Achievement Awards.

Congratulations to the following individuals:

  • Adam Day, The Hansen Company, Inc.
  • Kevin Larsen, Woodruff Construction, LLC
  • Jeff Scandrett, Hy-Vee Construction, LC
  • Joshua Thrap, Hy-Vee Construction, LC
Commercial Construction's Next BIG Thing - BIM!

Building Information Modeling (BIM) appears to be the next BIG thing for Iowa's commercial construction industry. Sure, it has been around in variations for years, and some larger firms are already entrenched in BIM...all the more reason to buy...

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MBI Build Iowa Career Fair Announcement!

In almost any industry and business across the United States, employers will tell you that hiring a ready and able workforce poses the biggest challenge to their growth in the future. That is no different in Iowa. It is a consistent theme heard...

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