Volume 01 | January 16 2020
New Faces, Device Management, and More!
We are starting the New Year off with a new email design. We will be sending a monthly update full of useful information such as Tech Tips, Product Promotions, EMP News, and so much more!

If there is something you would like us to include, please don't hesitate to reach out!
New Year / New Faces
We are starting the New Year with some fresh faces here at EMP! We are excited to announce the addition of Mike Smith and Jacob Byrd to the EMP team.

Mike will be using his extensive Auto-ID background as our new Program Manager. His job is to ensure that all projects are completed on-time and to the customer's satisfaction.
Jacob is joining us as the fourth member of the Wright family that works at EMP. He will be joining our Service Technician team, and with his strong technical background he will fit right in!
Mobile Device Management - Do I really need it? 
Mobile computing in your warehouse or on your shop floor has gotten more complicated in the last few years. With Android now being the dominant OS, the need to update the OS and subsequently the applications more often are a certainty. Fortunately, the tools to manage the devices have gotten much better as well. But the landscape can still be murky. Zebra and Honeywell both now have cloud-based management tools at reasonable prices. One works with traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM) software such as SOTI and one takes the place of an MDM.
This still leaves us questioning "Do I need these tools?" and "Is it worth it?". We can help guide you through these difficult questions. Click on the article below...

Label Re-winding Project
Voting is no longer a pen and paper process. Find out how the team at EMP worked with a voting machine manufacturer to design a solution that can quickly locate an individual's ballot results.

Spoiler Alert: it involves a label re-winder, barcode reader, and trigger sensor!

Forklifts - Mobile Computer or Rugged Tablet?
Having options is a good thing, but sometimes it can be difficult to decide which product is the best fit for your application. We have worked with countless warehouses to upgrade their forklift technology, and the question that continues to arise is "Should I use a vehicle mount computer or a rugged tablet to mount onto my forklift?.
We can help you answer this question! Click on the link below to better understand when to use a Rugged Tablet vs a Vehicle Mount Computer...

Free Bartender Download!
Bartender has been EMP's go-to label software for standard labels. The release of Bartender 2019 brought some exciting changes to the way the software is licensed (per printer instead of per computer), but it also came with a few headaches. We believe these bugs have been fixed with the latest revision, R5! We believe this version is stable and are currently installing at all installations/upgrades.

Another change in BarTender 2019 is a free version. Gone is BarTender Basic, it is now just a free version.This is a pretty stripped down version and Seagull Scientific is betting that you will need to upgrade it in order to really use the product, but free for starters is always good. Click the link below to get started!