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New Low-Cost SGS Perimeter Guarding Curtain

Banner’s next generation of safety grids is now available. SGS Safety Grid Systems cost less than EZ-SCREEN® Grid Systems, offer more features and capabilities, are available in a wider range of models, and are certified for use in North America and the European Union. These Type 4 safety devices use 2, 3, or 4 beams to detect a body or torso entering a hazardous area and are NOT intended for hand or finger detection. 

14 Color and Display Options in the TL70 Tower Light

The newest light segment for TL70 Series Tower Lights utilizes new LED technology to support 14 color choices in a single modular segment. The versatility offered by this high-visibility LED light segment makes it easy to create custom indication solutions, modify existing tower lights, and simplify stocking requirements. 

Industrial Task Lighting: WLS27 LED Strip Light

Banner's WLS27 LED Strip Lights have sturdy internal aluminum structure, encased in shatterproof, UV-stabilized, copolyester shells, making them ideal for harsh indoor and outdoor applications.

New Q45 Series Wireless Switches and Push Buttons 

New to the Sure Cross® Q45 Series of wireless sensors, serial nodes, switches and push buttons are two-button push buttons, non-contact magnetic sensors, and new models of our remote discrete input nodes and one-button push buttons. These models all feature a user-configurable multicolor LED indicator for local display of status.

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