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Product Focus:

Introducing Curvia (15 minutes + Q/A) 


You are invited to our product focus webinar on Curvia, a refined, state-of-the-art curved line of high-performing, meticulously crafted luminaires. Available in various mounting, width, and shape options, the Curvia family can be optically equipped with either with our latest optic innovation, the Diamond Prism OpticTM (DPO™), which offers low-glare, precise refraction and reflection, and a sleek geometrically patterned esthetic, or our High-Efficiency Lambertian Optic (HLO) with snap-in SupremeGripTM (SG™) technology.


Sign up for one of the 4 sessions, below, to find out how Curvia ups the industry standard for curved lighting solutions.

August 17th at 7:00AM
August 17th at 11:00AM
August 23rd at 7:00AM
August 23rd at 11:00AM
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Luna Acoustic

Designed by TMS Lighting

Featuring highly effective sound absorbing qualities with more than 15 colorful acoustic panels, sophisticated aluminum construction with premium finishes and modern designs, the TMS ACOUSTIC collection is thoughtful, sustainable and extremely desirable in every way.




• LED 90CRI  3101 - 12185 LUMENS

View Product Page Here

OmniSheet & Matrix LED

Designed by Omnify

Illuminating stone surfaces has never been easier. OmniSheet light guided panels and Matrix LED sheets are two customizable, durable backlighting solutions ideal for translucent stone. With low power requirements and easy installation, both products may be used for countertops, ceilings, and feature walls. The application ideas are endless.

  • Accent lighting made to order
  • Malleable to enhance any shape of fixture
  • DIY-ease of installation
  • Frameless and out of sight
  • Color temperature options and dimmable power with plug and play controls
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OmniSheet is an embedded LED light panel, boasting a mere 6mm thickness and perfect lighting uniformity. They are made to order to match any surface. Enjoy ease of assembly with plug and play.

View Product Page Here
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The Matrix is the smallest, cuttable LED light sheet on the market. Easy on-site customization of the sheet coupled with the low energy requirements makes it an ideal choice for luminating surfaces. 

View Product Page Here

Kelly DomeDesign by Andrea Tosetto

for Lodes

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Following his graduation at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Venice, Andrea Tosetto joined the family lighting company, which he soon took over.

Andrea marks the transition of the company from the classical lines of that time to an innovative and more contemporary language. His dynamic entrepreneurial style and lively creative vein come to life in refined products that enhance the craftsmanship method. Andrea succeeded in emphasizing the company’s know-how, focusing on the internalization of production processes and on the use of quality materials with a strong bond with the Venetian territory. Kelly, Nautilus are just some of Andrea’s creations for LODES.

Seductive beauty with a bold personality thanks to the strong and precise laser cuts, which lighten the metal of the lampshade and create an intriguing play of light and shadow. Kelly is a multifaceted family of suspension and wall lamps that stand out with elegance in any living space thanks to the variety of available forms and finishes.

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While most AFX products ship normally within 2-3 business days, AFX’s Quick Ship program offers 2 and 5 day shipping on items stocked in volume quantities to accommodate your large projects.

For projects that require a customized flair, see our list of made to order fixtures that can be shipped within 6 weeks of receipt of your order.

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