WAV Group Newsletter May 2020

The NAR Emerging Issues workgroup has developed a policy statement that clears up a misconception about the data that a broker participant contributes to an MLS. It gives brokers the explicit right to get their data back.

by Victor Lund

Last weekend, a brokerage showed its ability to adapt and innovate through difficult times. The Michael Saunders & Company team executed a live Virtual Open House Tour event across its markets in Florida.

by David Gumpper

Last week, we had the opportunity to meet virtually with Cloud CMA Co-Founder, Greg Robertson who shared a preview of the new features being launched – called Cloud CMA Live.

by Victor Lund

Award-winning author of One Rental at a Time, Micheal Zuber, and CEO of SaaS platform Rental Beast, Ishay Grinberg, sat down for a virtual conversation this week about what agents can do today to sustain through the pandemic, and be ahead of the game as the market recovers.

by Victor Lund

Before the pandemic, according to most recent Census data, only 1 in 20 Americans worked from home. I am part of that original 5 percent group. And watching clients, vendors, colleagues – my spouse -- and others struggle to work from home, I am feeling incredibly guilty.

by Kevin Hawkins

A notable portion of real estate industry vets-- agents or otherwise, report some form of legal background or experience. October Research released a report this month endeavoring to provide clarity on which markets operate under such regulations, and what correlation these answers may have to the connection between real estate and the law.

by Jules Penham

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