Angela Knight
September 2020
Dear Reader:

I’ll admit it -- I’m absolutely addicted to audio books. I love all books, of course, but a terrific narrator can add an exciting dimension to an amazing story.
The thrill is especially intense when the book that narrator is reading is one of mine.
Master of Seduction is the first of the Merlin’s Legacy series, a spinoff of the Mageverse books I wrote for Berkley Sensation. I’m thrilled to announce we just released it in audio with a wonderful narrator, Ada Sinclair, who does an incredible job with the story. I couldn’t be happier with her performance. In fact, we were so pleased, we gave the book a brand-new cover.
If the audiobook is successful, we’ll put the other Merlin’s Legacy novellas in audiobook.
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Master of Seduction

Rachel dreams of becoming Magekind. First she must prove herself to the vampire sent to seduce her.
All her life, Sheriff’s Deputy Rachel Kent has dreamed of becoming one of the immortal Magekind witches who protect humanity from itself. But first she must prove herself to the handsome vampire whose job is to decide whether she’ll become a danger to those she’s supposed to save.
Nathaniel Alard is a Court Seducer who has been sent to trigger Rachel’s witchy transformation by making love to her three times. The problem is, gaining such incredible powers may drive Rachel insane and force Nathaniel to kill her. Otherwise she may kill him -- and anyone else who gets in her way.
Nate vows he’ll only agree to complete Rachel’s transformation if she proves she can be trusted with the powers she’ll gain. But as he tests her -- and makes love to her with every test she passes -- mutual lust becomes something more. Will love be enough to save Rachel’s sanity?

Master of Seduction links: Changeling Press | Amazon | Nook | Kobo | Apple
Here’s the excerpt:

Rachel stiffened as her temper went up in flames. Enough’s enough. “Look, I may have to fuck you, but that doesn’t give you the right to abuse me.”

There went that dark brow again. “Given your taste in reading material, I’d think you’d like that.”

She studied him in baffled fury. “Are you trying to goad me?”

“And I seem to be succeeding, not that it’s taking much effort.” He sat back in his chair, hooking a muscled arm over the back of it. “For future reference, Majae need better self-control. You don’t want to kill someone because you lost your temper.”

“I’ve been a cop for three years. I’ve dealt with more than my share of drunks, idiots, and assholes, all of whom thought I was fair game simply because I’m both a cop and a woman. My self-control is fine.”

“Three whole years. My. That many?”

Which was when Rachel remembered he was four hundred years old. She clamped her teeth shut, realizing he was right -- she had lost control. She usually maintained a tighter grip over herself.

“Keep it up, Nate, and you’ll be braying to go along with the ears,” Oriana told him, thoroughly irritated.

The vampire ignored her. “Let’s get one thing straight.” He rose to his feet and leaned across the table until his face was inches from Rachel’s. His eyes snapped blue flame. “I don’t have to fuck you. I’m not going to give you the Gift until I’m convinced you can use the power wisely. And at the moment, I’m not impressed.”


It’s been a busy summer for me, because I’ve just finished the sixth book of the Merlin’s Legacy series. Master of Desire is a novel-length book which will be in time for Halloween.
I hope you have a great fall!
Master of Desire

When your psycho ex- is a goddess, hire a pretty werewolf with her own gun god.

For half-Sidhe billionaire Conal Donovan, rich people problems include a psycho ex- who’s also an evil fairy goddess named Siobhan. When Siobhan sends a team of werewolf terrorists to kidnap and torture him, he’s rescued by Helena Baker, African American, former-FBI agent and wolf-shifter.

But Conal’s not out of the woods, because Siobhan has sworn to kill him, his sisters, and all his Sidhe friends. He and Helena decide their best chance is to focus Siobhan’s vicious jealousy on them by pretending to be lovers.

Helena Baker’s best friend is a gun who’s a retired death god, so she can handle werewolves. She’s less sure about the handsome white guy with the talking pheonix and the relentless commitment to protecting his sisters. Especially considering that she’s in her Burning Moon – the werewolf version of heat. Her pheromones make Conal just as interested in her as she is in him. But is their growing love real? And what will happen when the hormones wear off?

Love really shouldn’t be this complicated.