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A Note from Bob:
We all have our own stories about the past three months. One of the features they all share is that we never imagined we would go through this period of isolation and inventive distraction, followed suddenly by deep national unrest. The map shop has been closed but our website has been active. Perri worked at home and I dug out uncategorized maps, prints, and atlas fragments for listing. We have added nearly 900 maps and prints to our database and have a backlog of several hundred more. The summer visitors are returning to Cape Cod and we are beginning to see some familiar faces. We will be highlighting a few surprises in this listing project in coming newsletters. Some are even surprises to me. We have unearthed some maps from 14 years ago that meant little to me when I started this business. Have a look. There may be a few surprises for you as well. 
- Bob Zaremba

If you are interested in some fun map-related activities for kids and adults, make sure to scroll to the bottom of this email!

As always, you can see our recent acquisitions by visiting our Newly Listed category , which is updated as often as we can manage.  If you are looking for something specific, we recommend using the 'Search' function at the top of our website or the menu on the left side of the web page.  It is advisable to view our website in a computer (not mobile) for best image quality and enlargement.

New Items for June 2020:
(in no particular order)

These exciting maps were published  by Blaeu in 1655 in the 'Novus Atlas Sinensis', the first Western atlas of China, compiled from the maps by Martino Martini, a Jesuit missionary who travelled through China 1643-1650. Two of the three maps include the Great Wall of China.

This great map includes the original slip case with printed label. As the case says, the map includes "the Counties of Middlesex and Surrey; nearly the whole of Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, and Kent; with very considerable Portions of Sussex, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire & Oxfordshire; and a part of Suffolk." It also shows topography, towns, cities, parks (country estates), etc.   

New York City

These large topographic maps of the counties and cities of New York are full of detailed information. The colors of these maps are classic and they look great framed.

This is a later printing of the famous map by Jeremy Belknap, originally published in 1791 in the book History of New Hampshire. His book was popular and reprinted several times, including 1812, when this map was printed. Jeremy Belknap was an American clergyman and historian. His great achievement was the History of New Hampshire, published in three volumes between 1784 and 1792. This work is the first modern history written by an American, embodying a new rigor in research, annotation, and reporting.

Boston Ward Map with the State House
Ward Map with Faneuil Hall
Ward Map with Commonwealth Ave

We had a great time looking at these ward maps of Boston when we were listing them on our website. They are full of fascinating information about Boston's past. Did you know that there was a bathing beach in the North End? Apparently it was necessary because folks didn't have any way to bathe at home, so they would "clean" themselves in the water at the mouth of the Charles River by the wharves!

The Hemispheres, Population charts, and How the World Travels

If you love bright colors, then this atlas is perfect for you! Tunison maps are notable for the vibrant colors, so vibrant in fact that sometimes customers ask us if we colored them- it can be a bit surprising to think that these colors are from 1888! This atlas includes maps of all over the world, as well as some fascinating comparative charts.

Brookline, MA

Part of Brookline

We have added quite a few new ward map atlases lately, including the maps from this atlas of Brookline, Mass. These maps are in very good condition and will look great when framed!

United States with Territories
Utah and New Mexico
Chart of Vegetation
We love these small maps from the 1857 Morse & Gaston atlas. The US maps feature early state and territory boundaries, often with early county divisions.  The atlas also has maps of the world showing winds, religions, animals, and more!

Index Map to the Cities of Cambridge, Somerville, the Towns of Arlington, Belmont, and Watertown

City of Newton, Wards 1 and 7 and Part of Wards 2 and 6

Part of Waltham

The maps in this atlas cover several towns in Middlesex County, including Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Belmont, Watertown, Everett, Malden, Medford, Newton, and Waltham. They have great detail and like most ward maps, they indicate the types of buildings and have the property owners' names.

County and Township Map of Oregon and Washington

Mitchell is a well known publisher of maps and atlases in the mid-to-late 1800s and the maps in this atlas will show you why. They are well-done maps of interesting places, including many major cities. This atlas also includes a map of the original 13 colonies and a chart of times in various locations.

These special reproductions are made in Italy using an interesting combination of new and old technologies. You can read more about their technique by clicking the link below. The new additions include a leopard, giraffe, zebra, and a whale printed on antique paper.


Free Online Map Puzzles

We know that this is a strange and overwhelming time for many of us, so we wanted to provide some fun and free map activities that can be enjoyed by anyone!

Free online map puzzles:

Free map coloring pages:

Online historical map coloring:

Geography games online:

Geography Game App:
From National Geographic, there's the GeoBee Challenge!


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