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Learn About the Marine Corps

Battle of Roi-Namur

On February 2, 1944, the 4th Marine Division captured Roi-Namur and eight other islands in the Kwajalein Atoll. This was done as part of the first assault on islands controlled by the Japanese before the beginning of World War II. Learn more about Marine Corps history for February.

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During Boot Camp

Marine Corps Boot Camp Training Weeks

Our new Matrices have arrived! The Marine Corps changed their recruit training matrix in 2022 and we've finally updated our posters online and in our store. See the link below if you need to get a new matrix. Along with the matrices, our website contains a summary of each training week at Marine Corps boot camp.

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Life in the Marine Corps

Marine Corps Promotions

There is one question that any good Marine will ask on a regular basis. "How can I get promoted?" That answer will vary depending on the rank of the Marine. We will keep it simple and stick to the basics of getting promoted. Promotions are cause for celebration and Marines have their own traditions.

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