~ April 1, 2021 ~

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The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program: Sarah Kaplan
How can students prepare for the complicated array of choices and trade-offs inherent in business? Sarah Kaplan’s award-winning course The 360º Corporation dives into this question and more through the lens of a single firm, most recently Amazon.
“How do we take the energy of saying, ‘Workers are essential’--which was the thing to say last year--and then actually have some teeth behind that?” (also see Why Amazon's Alabama Union Vote Could Spur Labor Movement)
Companies are increasingly coming out against Georgia’s new election law. What can they do, what should they do, and why?
Rest of World: Caroline Tracey
“Nearshoring” benefits companies through time zone alignment, bilingualism, reduced pay, and cultural fit. What does it mean for the workers, particularly for expelled migrants?
Yale Climate Connections: Jeff Masters
"Climate change is increasing the threat of disruption by acting as a hazard multiplier”: What can business do now to better prepare for a future of extreme weather, rising seas, security challenges, and just-in-time shipping? (also see Who Pays for Suez Blockage?)
Project Syndicate: Michel Fredeau, Jules Kortenhorst
"From now on, CEOs will need to answer four key questions: What will my market look like in a net-zero-emissions world? What is my business model for succeeding in that market? What changes should I make now to prepare for success? What supporting conditions will I need, and how do I go about securing them?"
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