Dear Members,

We have received the 2018 medical plan rates for the various retiree medical plans.  Below are links to six different documents that provide the cost breakdown based on the specific plan a retiree has.  Pay careful attention to the description of the plan as you search for the one that applies to you.

Within each document is a legend at the bottom of the page. The legend will provide you definitions for the abbreviations used in the document. Pay attention to the column titled " Coverage Type."  This will inform you on who is covered.  Such as "MB" for member and "SP" for spouse.  

Also pay close attention to the " Retiree Pays" column.  This details your out-of-pocket costs for the premium. To the right of this column, you will see "Fund Pays," which lets you know how much the pension fund pays toward the premium and "Total Monthly Premium."  Please note that "Total Monthly Premium" is NOT your cost. Rather, it is the total of your contribution plus the fund's contribution. 

Also, for those who are signed up for Medicare Part B, the far right column of each sheet will tell you how much of reimbursement you qualify for if your selected plan's premiums cost the fund less than the maximum monthly contribution. 

Below are links to the medical plan rate documents. Please click to view.

If you do not have a spouse or child on your medical plan:

If you have a spouse/domestic partner on your medical plan:

If you have a child/children on your medical plan but NO spouse/domestic partner:

If you have a spouse/domestic partner, and a child/children on your medical plan:

If you and your spouse have a combination of Blue Shield & Sutter Health plans:

If you live in Hawaii or Kaiser's Northwest Plan Regions:

If you have any questions regarding any of the plans, we encourage you to contact Rani Rajan at  Retirement Services by e-mail at or by calling the main Retirement Services number at 408-794-1000.


Mike Alford
| Assoc. of Retired San Jose Police Officers & Firefighters |