Community Contemplation
October 27 - November 2
Wednesdays & Sundays - LOCATION determined by Host Text Host if You Plan to Attend

Tuesday 5:45 PM hosted by Venu Tummalapalli (224-800-4049) via Zoom

Wednesday 9 AM hosted by Mary Fasal and Dave Andersen. Meet at Sunrise Park with chair/blanket and we will walk to north LB beach. Text Dave (847-691-3866) if you plan to attend.

Friday 9 AM hosted by Dave Andersen (847-691-3866) via Zoom

Sunday 9 AM hosted by Meg Barnhart outside her house w/ heaters. 1 West Onwentsia, Lake Forest. Park in driveway and walk through the side yard. Text Meg (847-340-8414) by Saturday night if you plan to attend.

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Password: hippo

"During the time you are practicing mindfulness, you stop talking—not only the talking outside, but the talking inside. The talking inside is the thinking, the mental discourse that goes on and on and on inside. Real silence is the cessation of talking—of both the mouth and of the mind. This is not the kind of silence that oppresses us. It is a very elegant kind of silence, a very powerful kind of silence. It is the silence that heals and nourishes us."

"This exercise is simple, but the effect of the oneness of body and mind is very great. In our daily lives, we are seldom in that situation. Our body is there but our mind is elsewhere. Our mind may be caught in the past or in the future, in regrets, sorrow, fear, or uncertainty, and so our mind is not there. Someone may be present in the house, but not really there ......... someone's mind is with the future, with their projects, and someone is not there for their children or their spouse."