December 2021
New Member Support Initiatives Announced for 2022
GaHIN will launch three new initiatives in January 2022 to enhance Member support by identifying and deploying needed services.
Member Survey Project
The Member Survey project is designed to improve the member experience, understand utilization of GaHIN services and identify future services and functionalities. Phase 1 will kick off in early January with a questionnaire supplemented with a call to review utilization, services, training, outreach and more.

Following the initial questionnaire and discussions, GaHIN will continue to monitor Member needs and suggestions through self-administered surveys and consultations.

“We want to obtain our Members’ input on the technology deployed to support them as well as the services provided by GaHIN’s team,” said Shirelle King, Marketing and Outreach Specialist. “We expect this collaboration will yield short and long-term benefits for Members.”

Training 2022
In January 2022, GaHIN will begin offering a new, more personalized training experience for the GeorgiaConnX platform. In addition to offering training at a consistent day and time, individual member training will be available on request. If you have questions about training, contact Shirelle King.
Better connections between caregivers improves transitions of care and continuity of care. In January, GaHIN’s outreach team will kick off a new initiative to support Members in connecting their care communities.

“By increasing the flow of information, we improve our Members’ experience while also helping to deliver better outcomes for the patients they serve,” explains Liz Hansen, CHSP, CHSA, CMUP, PCMH CCE. “GaHIN will leverage its expertise and resources to help connect Members with targeted providers.”

Among the services GaHIN will offer is developing use cases, streamlining workflows, assisting with regulatory requirements and providing training.

Be among the first to benefit from this initiative by participating in the pilot. Contact Liz Hansen to learn more.
December Update on New Tech 21 Project
GaHIN has completed its connection with eHealth Exchange, which provides healthcare organizations a single API (connection) and trust framework to exchange patients’ medical data nationwide. In addition to re-establishing prior connections, GaHIN has increased the number of connections through eHealth Exchange by more than 50 percent.

All of these connections will automatically be included in GaHIN outbound queries for CCDAs and patient information.

Re-established GaHIN eHealth Hub/National Exchange Connections
  • Veterans Health Administration
  • Department of Defense
  • Southeast Coalition on Health (SECOH) Regional Health Information Exchange
  • Alabama (AOHR)
  • East Tennessee HIE (etHIN)
  • North Carolina HIE (NCHIE)
  • South Carolina HIE (SCHIEx)
  • DaVita Healthcare Partners

Additional GaHIN eHealth Hub/National Exchange Connections
  • Atrium Health
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Fresenius Medical Care
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • OCHIN, Inc.

If you would like to view the current go-live status of GaHIN members, you can check the GaHIN Member Portal.

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