In an effort to continue to encourage individuals to be proactive about their brain health, AFA recently unveiled a new online memory test: a quick, easy and engaging way to test your memory and track your brain health and wellness. Give it a try by clicking below!
In the News:

Crossword puzzles are among the world's most popular word games, but did you know about a crossword puzzle specifically designed to raise Alzheimer's awareness? Forbes tells the story about this special crossword puzzle that has reached more than 50 million people to date.

AFA Awards College Scholarships to Students Impacted by Alzheimer's
AFA recently awarded $34,500 to 36 winners of our Teens for Alzheimer's Awareness Scholarship Essay Contest, the largest single-year total since the program's inception. Each of the winners wrote moving essays about how Alzheimer's affected them.

The annual program invites high school seniors to share their personal experiences with Alzheimer's disease and the impact it has had on their lives. Nearly 3,000 students participated in the 2019 contest.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the students who entered the competition!
Member Spotlight

ARTZ Philadelphia is a nonprofit organization in Philadelphia, PA whose mission is to provide opportunities for self-expression and the rebuilding of self-esteem and dignity to people with dementia and those who care for them. Founded in 2013, ARTZ Philadelphia works to give those living with dementia the benefits of well-being and quality of life that others are able to enjoy. Through the use of evidence-based programs, ARTZ Philadelphia engages people with dementia by viewing, discussing and making art together.
"Restoring to people living with dementia and their care partners the opportunity to be part of a community, contribute to that community, and above all connect with others in and outside of that community is the mission at the heart of all of our programs and initiatives," said Susan Shifrin, PhD, Founder and Executive Director ARTZ Philadelphia . "Our flagship programs take place in museums, arts centers, and other cultural settings, as well as in long term care communities, adult day centers and senior centers. We systematically develop educational and community-based initiatives that we hope will be models for other service organizations throughout the country."
Soccer and Brain Health
The US Women's National Soccer Team's World Cup victory has the country talking about soccer. But did you know that soccer can potentially benefit your brain health by:

  • Relieving stress
  • Promoting social interaction
  • Increasing vitamin D exposure
  • Exercising your entire body
  • Enhancing coordination
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