March 3, 2016
Be a Maryland Green Registry Mentor

The Maryland Green Registry profiles are filled with practical and proven environmental measures that can save you money. Now you can exchange information directly with the people who implemented those measures through the Maryland Green Registry mentorship program.  It's simple. If you'd like to help out fellow businesses by sharing what you know, just add your name to the Maryland Green Registry Mentor List. Those seeking advice, ideas, vendor and product information related to sustainable practices are invited to reach out to mentors directly. The list will not be posted to the website, but will be shared through this newsletter and the members-only Maryland Green Registry LinkedIn group. Questions? Contact or 410-437-4119.

Laura Armstrong

Maryland Green Registry Coordinator

The Rebate Race is on!
Has your organization taken advantage of the generous rebates and services offered by Maryland utility companies? If so, let us know and your organization will be entered into a prize drawing. If not, now is the time to check with your utility company to learn how easy it is to participate.                      

Maryland Green Registry Rebate Race 2016
Another Program to Help Green Your Business 
If you missed the Maryland Green Registry "Greening Your Business" program that kicked off last month, then consider this new opportunity to receive assistance. We are offering an in-depth pollution prevention opportunity assessment to two Maryland businesses at no cost. You will receive a report with cost effective waste, water, and energy saving options.

For information, contact Paul Gietka at 410-916-4061 at the MD MEP or Laura Armstrong at 410-537-4119 by March 25.
Fix a Leak Week  (March 14-20, 2016)
Plumbing fixtures, irrigation systems, piping - they all present opportunities for leaks that may be costing your business tens of thousands of gallons of water per month.

If you don't already have a year-round system for detecting and fixing links, kick things off during this year's Fix a Leak Week. Start with a water audit to identify and repair leaks and then follow up with regular checks and installation of leak detectors where appropriate.

Learn more at EPA WaterSense
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