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I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for using Messy Color. It is thrilling to do my end of things -making the highest quality 104 glass colors that I can- and then seeing them transformed into beautiful and artistic creations. I am so very grateful for the ongoing support and guidance of the lampworking community. Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and creative 2013!


As some of you have noticed, our site has been down recently as we were in the process of transferring site hosts. Please be patient as our site may continue to experience some technical difficulties during the next few weeks.



New Messy Ltd Runs ready to ship in North AmericaMessy Sprout Ltd Run 



Messy Sprout Ltd Run

511411- A pale opaque green.
Messy Tranquility Ltd Run  


Messy Tranquility Ltd Run

511608- A transparent that color shifts between blue and purple depending on the lighting.

Messy Laguna Ltd Run 



Messy Laguna Ltd Run

511514 - An opaque teal.



Messy Vanilla Latte Ltd Run        


Messy Vanilla Latte Ltd Run

511707- An opaque beige. 
Messy Tangerine Ltd Run        


Messy Tangerine Ltd Run

511208- A transparent orange. 
Messy Fostoria Ltd Run     


Messy Fostoria Ltd Run

511708- A transparent gray brown. 


Messy Absinthe Ltd Run     


Messy Absinthe Ltd Run

511412- A milky green moonstone. 


Messy Bloodstone Ltd Run    


Messy Bloodstone Ltd Run

511110- An opaque red.



Messy Night Sky Ltd Run     


Messy Night Sky Ltd Run

511515- A transparent blue.



Claudia Trimbur-Pagel  


Claudia recently sent me a copy of her new book Glass Bead Trip and I was overjoyed to see the fabulous tutorials featuring Messy. Thanks Claudia - it is an honor to see Messy Color in your work!



A sampling of the tutorials in her book:

Messy Ginger - "A color I like to use for skin"
Messy Stone Ground puppies
Messy Poison Apple base
Messy Dirty Martini butterfly

Claudia's site

Claudia's Ebay

Claudia's Etsy

Messy Eye Candy





Gelly's Sty, Kryptonite & Electric Avenue, sand blasted & etched, by Jeri Warhaftig. Check out more of Jeri's work.









"Ghee is fantastic! I'm going to be using it a lot in the future because of the exceptional way that I can work with it in the flame and because of the translucency of the final result." -Lauren Bramble








"Ink Blot is a limited run transparent color that is as close to navy blue as I have ever found." Read more at Kandice Seeber's blog.








"Vanilla Latte is just a beautiful colour of tan, that falls somewhere hue-wise between the beautiful pale of Butter Pecan and the rich terracotta of Adobe. The glass is creamy and wonderful to use, and just loves silver." Read more at Melanie Graham's blog on Vanilla Latte Ltd Run. She also blogged Fostoria Ltd Run.

Spotlight on Messy Tester: Darlene Collette   


Darlene Collette is one of our most prolific testers. Her bling has been published in Bead Trends magazine as well as appearing on almost every Messy Color page. A heartfelt thank you to Darlene for her diligence in testing new Messy Colors in beautiful ways!


Darlene is renowned for her transparency. She faithfully details the glass recipes she uses in her blog.


Darlene's says of CiM: "The foremost reason I enjoy CiM is its consistency in being compatible with other COE 104 glass lines, especially silver infused glasses by Double Helix and Trautman Art Glass. I never have to worry and spend time and precious glass in test phases to end up with disappointment."


Darlene has several distinct bead styles:


Gilded sets using silver glass shards and frits on a Messy Color base. "CiM has so many jewel tone glasses to make these sets rich and decadent!"


Messy Rainforest with Aurae


Messy Ghee with Aurae


Goddess Bead Sets using CiM and silver glasses capturing reactions under encasements of clear glass.

Messy Hippo Ltd Run with DH Kalypso


Dragonscales sets using CiM glass bases mixed with silver foil and purple rose frit.

Messy African Grey Ltd Run with silver foil & purple rose frit

In Darlene's own words . . .


"From the time I could walk and talk, I wanted to create beautiful things. Stringing seed beads on fishing line to creating designs with beads on my elementary schoolbag, I have always played with colour and texture in art. Self taught as a bridal designer, I created limited edition hand-beaded gowns with an excess of 100,000 beads among the lace and silk of each gown. Inspired by medieval and Tudor England, my favorite designs were historical in nature and created using old world craftsmanship.

While on a family vacation in British Columbia in 2006, I thought it would be fun to take a beginner's lampworking class and from my first completed bead, I was hooked. Although mainly self taught, it has been the guidance and instruction of the lampworking community throughout the world, with their generosity and knowledge that inspire me to experiment and refine my skills.

My true passion has always been to satisfy the creative urges within, whether that be in my daytime IT role, my professional certification in clinical hypnosis or my lampworking art. Residing in the Berry Mills community, just outside of Moncton, New Brunswick, I have 2 grown children and a wonderful husband. At times my friends wonder how I manage to find time to explore and develop my talents. I tell them that I have always felt that the very core of me was not satisfied unless I could pursue my love of art and all things creative.


There are infinite possibilities with glass - shape, color, inclusions, surface treatments... all these make my palette limitless, and the idea of making something so timeless, yet so practical appeals to me. It is exciting to know people are using my creations to incorporate into their own designs. Like a pebble dropped into a pond, the ripples continue to radiate outward ---those designers sell their creations, the person buying the piece may be giving it to their mother or sister or friend, and it may not stop there!"


Darlene's site

Darlene's Ebay

Darlene's Artfire

Follow her on Twitter

Pendragonfyre Facebook Fan Page


And now for something completely different


For all my fellow sci fi fans, our friend Phil produced an action packed fun filled movie!
Check out his Kickstarter campaign, the official Project London web site, & the graphic novels.


Messy Watch List

Back in stock: 511501 Caribbean Ltd Run


Here are the Uniques and Ltd Runs we are close to being sold out of (as defined by having less than 30 lb left): 

511103 Crimson Ltd Run

511301 Canary Ltd Run

511305 Sunflower Ltd Run

511403 Army Men Ltd Run

511405 Emerald City Ltd Run

511410 Shrubbery Ltd Run

511502 Midnight Ltd Run 

511506 Moana Ltd Run

511603 Rose Tea Ltd Run

511604 Berry Punch Ltd Run

511605 Thistledown Ltd Run

511765-3 Unique Chai

511804 Indigo Ltd Run

511805 Obsidian Ltd Run

511820-2 Unique Hades

511901 Cotton Candy Ltd Run


Colors we plan to restock but may run out of temporarily for a month or two:

511109 Bordello

511351 Stone Ground

511401 Sea Foam Ltd Run

511407 Cardamom

511409 Key Lime Pie Ltd Run

511413 Peacock Green

511448 Dirty Martini

511531 Lapis

511562 Ming

511570 Grumpy Bear

511701 Ginger

511788 Mink

511807 Linen

511820-S01 Hades 1-2 mm stringer

511859 Marshmallow

511874 Adamantium

511957 Desert Pink


Quick Links...


We invite YOU to share eye candy, blogs, YouTube videos, tutorials, or anything featuring Messy!


DragonJools recent blogs on Tandoori Ltd Run, a comparison of Effetre Lapis & Blue Suede Shoes Ltd Run, Vineyard Ltd Run, Ink Blot Ltd Run, Thunder Egg Ltd Run, Daffodil Ltd RunCanary Ltd Run, and Obsidian Ltd Run and silver. 



Darlene Collette's new eye candy on the Shrubbery Ltd Run, Thunder Egg Ltd RunDaffodil Ltd RunInk Blot Ltd Run, Leapfrog Ltd Run, and Honeycomb Ltd Run pages. Also her Sangre & Ekho frit beads.



Jolene Wolfe's tutorial on applying figurative murrini as raised decoration using Dirty Martini seahorses. Also check out Jo's tutorial "Making Lime Murrini" which includes Mojito, Sherwood, and Cardamom.



Still looking for sold out Uniques & Ltd Runs? Check FlameDame's "Going & Gone" section for stock. 




Do you sell Messy Color in your retail store or on the web? If so, let us know. We'd love to include you on our Where to Buy page.