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Call for Submissions--Deadline March 15th

The 2018 New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase is accepting submissions via Submittable now through March 15th. This year we have added a $250 cash prize from the New Mexico Film Foundation for the Best in Show and an Audience Favorite Award that will be determined by votes in our Submittable Online Gallery between April1st-30th.

New Mexico Film Office Free Educational Speaker Series:
Breaking into Background Work in New Mexico

The New Mexico Film Office is hosting a monthly Educational Series. Our February topic will be Breaking into Background Work in New Mexico with Bobbie Shelton.

When: February 28th, 6-7pm
Where: Joseph Montoya Building, Bid Room
            1100 S. St. Francis Dr., Santa Fe, NM 87505.
What:  Get involved in the film industry by doing background work on New Mexico film and television productions! Bobbie Shelton will talk about who the background agencies in New Mexico are, how to register with them and what you need to know to start working as a background artist. We will also talk about what you need to bring to set, what your day will look like and some dos and don'ts of working background.

The Educational Speaker Series is a free event and is open to the public.

Liaison Spotlight: Jan Wafful
 Otero County Film Office/City of Alamogordo
The New Mexico Film Office has a network of Film Liaisons throughout the state to help film productions with local services.

Jan Wafful, Otero County Film Office/City of Alamogordo, has been an AFCI registered liaison with the NM Film Office since 2006.  

How can you help filmmakers that come to your area? As economic development, I offer all services of mine free to the filmmaking industry, including students, independent filmmakers and studios. This is a one-stop office for help with location scouts, permits, crew contacts in the area and all types of products goods, services and where to find manpower and equipment needed for filmmakers to make their film projects. 
What do you consider to be a unique location in your jurisdiction? My favorite and most visited location is the White Sands National Monument. Some of the films that have shot here are “Transformers I & II,” “Book of Eli,” “Year One” and “12 Strong” with Chris Hemsworth and a great cast and crew was made here earlier this year (just released in January). Orogrande Mines, Mescalero Apache Reservation, Cloudcroft, Tularosa, White Sands Missile Range and most of Ft. Bliss are all within Otero County, it is the 3rd largest county in NM and one that is pretty diverse in locations.

Favorite Shot in New Mexico movie or tv show? One of several of my favorite movies made here, besides the ones already mentioned during my tenure, is “Tank Girl.”

Film Festival: I also co-direct the Desert Light Film Festival here at NMSU-Alamogordo each year with my co-director and friend, Joan Griggs, who was the film liaison before me. It is the only recurring film festival in NM for middle and high school students. We teach seminar classes and have keynote speakers on every aspect possible of filmmaking to encourage film careers in NM. It is our goal to grow the industry from the ground up in southern NM. We have about 400 plus students who attend each year.      

120 Years of Film in New Mexico Trivia: In 1911, There were three films shot in Otero County NM—they were: “Fool’s Gold”, “Brothers” and “The Dude”—all westerns.
NMFO Filmcast:
Lara Dale - Foley Artist
Is it possible to answer a Craigslist Ad and find a career as a Foley Artist in the industry? If I'm making strange noises and sound effects in my kitchen, is it possible someone will pay me to do that as my job? And does training as a ballet dancer help me make sounds that are believable as Sylvester Stallone’s footsteps? Let accomplished Foley Artist Lara Dale answer those questions (the short answers are “yes", “yes" and “yes”) and tease you with some awesome sounds she produces from a variety of toys she’s brought to the studio to demonstrate. A sonically good episode of Filmcast!

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