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December 2019
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Social and Economic Development in the Contemporary Arab Gulf States
By Martin Hvidt
The Arab Gulf states (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE) have over the past decades moved from near obscurity to prominence among actors in the global economy. This “rise of the Gulf” was facilitated by plentiful income from oil and gas, and by the gradual process by which the economic centre of the world is shifting eastward. But first and foremost it has been a result of conscious policies conceived and implemented by the Gulf states to catch up with the developed world and not least to place their countries on a developmental trajectory which will secure the populations a sustainable livelihood in the future.
ISBN 9788740832136
University Press of Southern Denmark
Building Democracy on Sand
Israel without a Constitution
By Ayre Carmon
More than seven decades after the founding of Israel, the momentum to establish a Jewish state has led to remarkable achievements in the nation’s “hardware”: stable structures in government, the military, and the economy. At the same time, the “operating system,” the guidelines that accommodate human diversity and enable co-existence, is still riddled with weaknesses. Arye Carmon diagnoses the critical vulnerabilities at the heart of Israeli democracy and the obstacles to forming a sustainable national consciousness. The author merges touching narratives about his own life in Israel with insightful ruminations on the Jewish diaspora and the arc
of Israel’s history, illuminating the conflicts between Jewish identities and between democratic values and the halacha—the collective body of Jewish religious laws.
ISBN 9780817923150
Hoover Institution Press

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