KDS/Daishinku has developed a smaller size 4-pole monolithic crystal filter specially designed for use in smaller radio communication devices.

Their new 4-pole MCF DSF633SDF is just 6.0×3.5mm, whereas the majority of others available on the market are 7.0×5.0mm.

Not only does this offer a price advantage and better insertion loss, but also more possibilities to customize these filters into your devices. Smaller also means more freedom to design your PCB layout.
Filtering out unwanted signals in radio communication is vital if you want to prevent interference and Monolithic crystal filters are ideal because of their narrow pass bandwidth.

The DSF633SDF has better intermodulation characteristics compared to that of it’s larger equivalent meaning a better third-order intercept point which enhances the signal strength, protecting against interference.

  • 6.0X3.5X1.1mm, lightweight(0.1g) and miniature SMD Crystal Filter
  • 4-pole Function in a single package
  • Excellent guarantee attenuation
  • Excellent shock and vibration resistance


  • Radio communications

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