2020 Midsession Legislative Update
Tuesday, May 26th, 2020
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New Normal

COVID-19 has forever altered our lives. Who would have thought that we would not be able to enjoy the warmth of a hug or the cordiality of a handshake. To make things more complex, the services we utilize to make our lives more efficient are now out of flux. Places of Worship, Grocery Stores, Hair Salons, Barbershops, Restaurants, Manufacturing Facilities, and many other entities have been dramatically impacted. Despite what Mississippi and the world is experiencing, I must remain optimistic that we will get through this most challenging time. Please remember this battle isn’t over, and that we must remain vigilant against this unseen and unfamiliar enemy.
Upcoming Session

On today (Tuesday May 26th), the legislature goes back into session at 4pm to finish up the 2020 general session that was halted in mid-March due to Coronavirus. During this time, the convening will include how to spend the remaining $900 million federal allocation ($300 million has already been allocated to a small business package).
Next Steps in allocating $900 million

While I know this pandemic has exposed many challenges and created various uncomfortable circumstances, I am proud to announce that $300 million program for small businesses was negotiated between the Mississippi House and Senate. Wednesday, May 13th, we voted in the House to pass this significant legislation . The program, which defines a small business as having 50 or fewer employees, also sets aside $40 million to ensure minority-owned businesses have access to the grants offered under the program.

While Small Business was the first step in spending the $1.2 billion the State of Mississippi received from the federal government, there are still several others areas that are being discussed by my legislative colleagues and I. They include (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • Local Government 
  • Healthcare
  • Elections
  • Judiciary
  • IHL
  • K-12 thru Junior College
  • Tourism
  • Corrections
  • Housing
  • Unemployment Trust Fund
  • Grocery Stores (Food Desert)
  • Hazard Pay

I’ll keep you posted on funding in these areas so you can know how resources are distributed.

Dr. Dobbs (with the Mississippi Department of Heath) said a few days ago during Governor Tate Reeves daily press conference, “the goal is to test everyone who is a resident or works at a long term care facility (27,000 people). I am hopeful we have similar plans for the Mississippi Department of Corrections (18,000 inmates and full staff).

Get counted!! The U.S. Census happens every ten years. The census helps determine the funding for education, healthcare, housing, and etc. It’s very important for us to fill out the census. If you haven’t done so, please click the link below:

MS Delta Shelter
in Place

Want to know what Abee and I have been up to since we started “stay at home”? Here are photos of some of the living things we found in the backyard over the past few months. Click Here to see!!!
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