March 2018
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We have lots going on this month with two full moons, a powerful new moon this weekend...and...Mercury going retrograde. Jupiter has also recently started a long retrograde motion.  Just a reminder that retrogrades are not bad,  they just signify a shift in energy, movement and focus. It's best to be aware so that you can go with the energy flow, rather than struggling against it. 

I've decided to bring back my 20 minute readings (for £30) as a lot of people were contacting me for clarification on just a few questions. The pace of change is very intense at the moment, so you are better off getting a few shorter readings as things chop and change. 

I'm continuing to post a daily oracle card every morning on Twitter. You can follow me  @Divineenergy
to get this daily guidance. 
Here are a few key dates coming up that you need to be aware of: 

New Moon  -  Saturday March 17
- Plan & Manifest!
Full Moon -  Saturday March 31 - Release Negativity
Mercury Retrograde - March 22 - April 15
Jupiter Retrograde -  March 8 - July 10
*Saturn in Capricorn - until March 20, 2020

Spring a Time of Renewal

Spring is nearly upon us in the UK and this time of year is a fantastic time for reset and renewal. As we start getting out and about after what seems like an interminable winter, it's an ideal time to reset your energy and your goals to move forward. Mercury retrograde is well timed over the Easter break in the UK so take some time out, take it easy, rest, relax, reflect and renew. 

It's a good idea to take a social media, and particularly news media break to let your intuition go to work. We are constantly bombarded by new information and tweets, texts, emails and all sorts of notifications, it's important to take time out to let your intuition speak to you.  Mercury retrogrades are an ideal time to do this. 

Practice being, and just going with the flow. If you over-structure your time there is very little opportunity for spontaneity. Simply being allows ideas to flow, and you should be getting guidance daily on any and every aspect of your life. The energy is very volatile at the moment, with an intense pace of change, and your intuition will help you navigate through the constant challenges. You just need to give it a chance to communicate with you. Wearing or carrying a crystal can also help to boost your intuition. 

The new moon on Saturday is an ideal time to do or re-do your god box or miracle box for manifestation. The new moon energy, coupled with the change of seasons holds great momentum and it's just before mercury goes retrograde. 

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