NEWSLETTER - Volume 3 - Issue 8 - August 19, 2020
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by Darlene Elkins
New Moon and Mercury in Leo
 by Linda Brady

Our newsletter is arriving in your inboxes on the day of the New Moon in Leo conjuncting Mercury in Leo. A New Moon in Leo occurs once a year when the Sun and Moon come together in the sign of Leo. An added attraction is in their conjoining with the planet Mercury. Astrologically this is a conjunction between three planets coming together to create a focal point of energy. With the New Moon there is also the energy of creating new Leo beginnings to build on for the next 14 days  I am writing descriptions about each planet so you will have some ideas of what your affirmations and visions could be for those days. Some sample strategies might be: meditate for ten minutes with your attention on your heart with the mantra “I respect and acknowledge you.” This will diminish your desire for those acknowledgements to come from others outside of yourself. Strengthening your courage to be self-determined in a new leadership role. Embrace your inner child and encourage their happiness. Create fun playdates with your inner child and invite friends and their inner children too.

Moon in Leo
This is the time when your emotions may feel intense with a need for heart-centered connections to other people. Therefore, you could be easily saddened when you do not feel loved or acknowledged. You may feel as if your heart is breaking when your pride has been hurt during this time. You may be given to big dramatic scenes and find yourself even pouting. Find ways to feel secure and comfortable so you can be the center of attention. This could be a time when you want to be in the “spotlight” in the comfort of your own home with family and friends, entertaining them.

Sun in Leo
This is the time when you enjoy having fun with those you love. You will want to radiate your strong heart-centered energy as you inspire others to be confident, brave and courageous. Your heart wants to radiate warmth and joy as you connect with someone else’s heart during this time of Leo. Feel the Sun and the warmth it brings and how it makes your body feel. You may want to create experiences that cause you to feel courageous. This is the time to radiate and shine in your role as an inspirational leader. You may manifest your creativity by being a dramatic child-like performer opening your heart to entertain others. You love being generous and giving of yourself to your audiences.
Mercury in Leo
This is the time to speak with a dramatic, self-confident flair. Be commanding and self-assured in your communication. You may find yourself speaking powerfully from your heart's desire to explore fun, childlike wonder and heart to heart connection You may be surprised that your communication comes from your sense of pride and dignity in the topic you are relating. Be aware that during this time your speech is calculated to receive admiration, praise, and approval.
My challenge for you is to incorporate the above descriptions and create three commitments to affirm for the time between the New Moon and the Full Moon 14 days from now. The Full Moon is the culmination and completion of the goals you have set out for yourself. Be sure to ask your inner child for what they would like to do and then plan the activity with them.
On My Mind - Half Full
by Michael Brady

There is no such thing as a realist!

 You might think that title is cute. Or you might think that title is flippant. But I'm dead serious. What do you mean Michael, “There's no such thing as a realist“?  Well, let’s use a metaphor to examine my outrageous assertion. Let’s use an analogy. An analogy is saying something is like something else to make some sort of explanatory point. I'm going to use a glass of water. This glass is clear and a straight cylinder, no bulges. This glass is half filled with water. It is precisely filled halfway with water. When you look at it in your mind now, I can ask you, “Is the glass half empty or is it half full”?  Let's say your answer Is half empty. Are you being optimistic or pessimistic? Obviously, pessimism is the correct answer. Conversely, if you answer half full, you're being optimistic. So how does realism fit into the conversation about the glass being half empty or half full? You might say it doesn't have anything to do with the question. It doesn't apply. Or you might say, instead it's 4 ounces of water in an 8-ounce glass. I would say you are just avoiding the issue and the question with that answer as well. You might say I'm just being factual or objective and that's being realistic. Isn't it? I would say you are equating realism with measurement and measurement is associated with science. Right? And you would probably agree with me at that point.

And the point is that a scientific objective (realistic) answer to this question is just information that has no meaning in and of itself. A half empty / half full answer is a human value kind of answer. It means something to us as a person. If you are pessimistic you expect the future to show up in a negative /unpleasant way. If you're optimistic, you expect the future to show up in a positive / pleasant way. The 4 ounces in an 8-ounce glass answer is stuck in the present with information that has no importance in and of itself. And that is the trap we get caught in with the perspective that science is objective / realistic / just observing “what is”. And this perspective, on one hand, asserts that reality unfolds of its own accord. We have nothing to do with it. We are just watching. And on the other hand, isn't science asserting that only science can “control” how the world unfolds or shows up in the future? I call that a paradox.

We are all currently struggling to make sense of the confusing Covid-19 virus situation. And you can get different opinions from different scientists. That is because they are human beings who talk about measurement stuff and they can't keep their own “human values” out of the conversation. That's because science can't really just observe reality without influencing it. And there have been scientific studies done that show that to be true. But the main body of scientists in the world choose to ignore that. They choose to believe they can Just look and not influence what they observe. And then turn around and believe that they control Mother Nature. Do I dare say, they believe they can dominate Mother Nature? Humm, that might be the epitome of hubris.

Coming back to pessimism / optimism. These words refer to what we call attitudes. Attitudes are derived from feelings. That means that feelings (glad, mad, sad, scared, and ashamed / guilty) are primary and short lived; and attitudes are more pervasive and spread out over time. If you think about it, only glad goes with the attitude of optimism. Mad, sad, scared, and guilty go with pessimism. And coincidentally, there's a fair amount of scared and mad going around currently... just watch the news!

Let me lay this on you. Thought suggests manifestation. Emotion mandates manifestation, in the end. Here's my current advice. Where a mask when you must. Wash your hands more than you used to. Bolster your immune system in any way you choose to. Listen to people who are optimistic. Ignore prophets of doom. Put a glass half filled with water on your counter and everyday ask yourself the half empty half full question. See what you get. If I'm wrong, you haven't lost a thing. If I'm right, your life unfolds for the better, not the worse.                                                      
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